SAP Nigeria Renovates School for Over 300 Displaced Pupils in Ajegunle

Thursday, December 7, 2017 was a remarkable day for pupils of Tolu primary School, Ajegunle, Nigeria as they witnessed the commissioning of a block of six classrooms, which was renovated by SAP Nigeria. The classrooms were in a very dilapidated condition before renovation.

About two years ago, more than 300 pupils of Tolu Primary School were displaced after a storm blew off the roof of the classrooms. The storm also destroyed almost all of the school’s furniture and teaching materials, which left the displaced pupils having to take classes to learn in makeshift classrooms. This disrupted the pupils’ ability to learn in an organised environment, as it also affected the educators ability to properly teach classes.

Every October, SAP embarks on its signature global CSR initiative called Month of Service.

The Month of Service intervention is facilitated through AYECI Africa, a non-profit organisation which is committed to improving the learning outcomes of resource-poor children in underserved communities.

In 2015, SAP Nigeria funded the provision of 12 units of toilet facilities in Primary Schools in Victoria Island and in 2016, it also set up a 16-seater fully equipped Digital Learning Center in Lagos Model Primary School. GRA-Ikeja.

This year SAP Nigeria focused its attention on the renovation of the damaged block of six classrooms at Tolu Primary School in Ajegunle.

In attendance as renovations took place, were Mrs Juliet Omorodion (Marketing Manager, SAP West Africa), Ms. Dumebi Okeleke (Marketing Exec, SAP Nigeria), Mrs Bunmi Okeju (Director, Co-curriculum, Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Hon. Solomon Aboluwodi (Education Secretary, Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government Education Authority) and Mrs Ifeoma Adibe-Chukwuka (Founder- AYECI Africa).