SAP Presents its Range of Products to Companies

SAP, a global market leader in enterprise application software, has introduced its new range of cutting-edge technology products on public service, the energy sector, financial service and agriculture to companies in West Africa.

The products and services sought to help solve most complex problems in the various sectors of the economy by focusing on technology-driven innovation.

The forum was supported by Persol Systems limited, Nosmay, Rhema Systems, Twenty-third Century systems and Mactay consulting.

Topics including digital transformation, Technology Contribution to Agriculture and Energy Transformation in Africa were presented.

Mr Pedro Guerreiro, Managing Director of SAP West Africa, said the company had solutions to some of the societal challenges that policymakers were trying to address via legislation, regulation, and cooperation.

In addition, Mr Guerreiro said SAP continues to develop technologies that make a real impact and help companies revolutionize everything from cancer treatments to flood prevention.

“Increasing digitization is crucial to bolstering economic growth and social development, and leaders need to act quickly. Accelerating ideas and working together is the only path forward.

“The digital economy offers an unprecedented opportunity to bring the private and public sector together because there is a direct link between a region’s digital adoption and its overall economic competitiveness,” Mr Guerreiro said.

The West Africa Director said that SAP would continue to invest in new areas of innovation to provide customers, partners, and consumers with the tools they need to have an impact.

Mr Darrel Orsmond, Head of Banking Industry Value Advisor, SAP Africa touching on SAP Cloud Platform explained that it was an open platform which provides customers and partners with in-memory capabilities, core platform services, and unique business services for building and extending personalized, collaborative, mobile-enabled cloud applications.

He added that the platform was designed to accelerate digital transformation across businesses by enabling organizations to build the exact application that they need more quickly, easily, and economically, without the requirement of maintaining or investing in on-premises infrastructure.

Mr Orsmond urged companies especially the financial institutions to acquire its cloud-based ERP enterprise system due to its ability to combines real-time data and intelligent technology with an intuitive user experience.

Mr Sohail Carim, Industrial Value Engineer, Public Sector SAP West Africa hinted that the company had developed a very simple, comprehensive approach to help customers move into the future.

This he said was to help companies optimize their existing landscape and release cash to fund innovation by consolidating and simplifying IT landscapes and moving them to the cloud.

The second, he said was the adoption of a comprehensive cloud portfolio that helps firms to improve employee engagement, and improve their decision-making process through advanced innovations including SAP Digital Boardroom.

Mr Carim said, “We bring strong data scientists and SAP Leonardo technologies to identify several strategic scenarios. We co-innovate with the customer and start to prove the value of innovation with these new technologies in a specific environment”.