At SAPPHIRE NOW, Connected Mobility Is a “Snap”

Connected cars and autonomous vehicles made a big splash at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and for good reason. It’s a rapidly growing market with expectations to surpass $219 billion by 2025.

One of the most buzz-worthy developments in this arena is Rinspeed Snap – a giant, autonomous “skateboard” of sorts that illustrates the art of the possible in today’s new mobility ecosystem.

If you’re attending SAPPHIRE NOW this year, you’ll be able to experience the Snap concept on Thursday, June 7, at 11:30 a.m. ET in the Best Run theater during the session “The Power of Innovation and New Mobility’s Impact on Society with the Rinspeed Snap Vehicle.”

During this session, attendees will have the opportunity to meet Stefan Krauss, head of Discrete Industries at SAP, and Frank M. Rinderknecht, founder, CEO and visionary of Rinspeed. Not only will attendees learn how transformational thinking and technological innovation accelerates the vision of new mobility, the Rinspeed Snap vehicle will also make an appearance on the SAPPHIRE NOW show floor.

“Rinspeed is an amazing think tank and creator of incredible concept cars,” said Dave Parrish, senior global marketing director for Automotive & Industrial at SAP. “SAP is thrilled to host the Rinspeed Snap vehicle on the SAPPHIRE NOW show floor this year in a showcase that will also feature smart city and smart grid demonstrations.”

Parrish said attendees will be able to see firsthand the autonomous modular vehicle that will go a long way to help solve transportation congestion challenges in urban areas. Rinspeed CEO and Founder, Frank M. Rinderknecht will also be speaking on the Best Run Theater stage about his vision for future mobility ecosystems, fully connected user experiences, and how co-innovation can have significant impact on all of society.