Second Annual SingularityU South Africa Summit: 15-18 October 2018

Save the date for the learning experience that is the SingularityU South Africa Summit 2018. It will take place at the Kyalami International Conference Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 15-16 October 2018.

Imagine a world where you are able to reverse the aging process, to repair your body to the way it was in early adulthood. Consider how using a tiny corner of South Africa could harvest enough solar energy to power the whole country without burning harmful fossil fuels. Until a few years ago, these types of technology-based concepts seemed a distant possibility, a theory rather than reality, and a costly one at that.

Today, all that has changed with the rise of exponential technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and quantum computing. These disruptive technologies can make that happen, at a faster pace than ever before and at a cost exponentially less than it was 10 years ago. Today, huge strides are being made as different disciplines and technologies converge to answer the question of How can we positively impact a billion people?, and How can we make it happen using exponential technology?

Now in its second year, the two-day SingularityU South Africa Summit – in collaboration with Standard Bank, global partner Deloitte, and strategic partners HP, Liberty, MTN, and SAP – continues its mission to accelerate South Africa’s culture of innovation and disruption to address the world’s greatest challenges. This year we are excited to announce that Power 98.7 will be its official radio media partner.

The SingularityU South Africa Summit is bringing together some of the world’s most forward-thinking individuals, and our society’s most curious minds, to help people think about, and find solutions that could #futureproofAfrica, because the African continent has so much potential, and the future is African.

Rob Nail, associate founder and CEO of Singularity University, explains: “The challenge we face is not simply one of understanding how new technological advances might impact our society. We also need to learn to think differently and have an exponential mindset about what is now possible as a result of the 10x impact of technology. This conference is for anyone, young and old, leaders in education, business, science, and technology, essentially anyone who wants to shape the future of our world.”

Mic Mann, director of Mann Made, and co-organiser of SingularityU South Africa Summit 2018, promises an incredible experience, and a line-up of local and international speakers that will be as compelling as the inaugural summit last year. 2018 will see two summit tracks, one for SU alumni who attended in 2017 and another for those joining us on our journey towards disruption for the first time. SU alumni will get the chance to update their knowledge base and learn about the latest developments from around the continent and the world.

“We believe that the SingularityU South Africa Summit is the perfect platform on which to build a hub for African futurists, technologists, executives, entrepreneurs and innovators to come together, exchange ideas and resolve some of the challenges facing the continent. Thanks to the impressive line-up of speakers and participants last year, we were able to communicate and develop ideas for the future of Africa. We are eager to continue engaging those seeking solutions through technology, at our second annual summit,” notes Mann.

“As a universal financial services organisation with digital ambitions, Standard Bank is increasingly leaning on exponentially accelerating technology to innovate, create efficiencies and deliver solutions that make a difference in the lives of customers. We are very proud to be involved in the second SingularityU South Africa Summit as we believe it is a fabulous opportunity to drive new thinking and modes of doing business that can help future-proof Africa. Access to insights, networks and technology is just as important as access to finance and we believe that exponential technologies are helping us find real solutions to some of the major challenges on this continent we call home. As Africans we need to think big about how we can leverage technology to drive innovation. The time to think differently is now – and it’s up to all of us,” says Bellinda Carreira, executive head: Interactive Marketing, Standard Bank Group.

Delegates at the 2018 summit can once again expect compelling presentations and discussions on emerging, exponential technologies and innovations that can be used to create positive change and foster economic growth on the continent. They will also learn about the far-reaching impact of the SingularityU South Africa Summit 2017. Popular Singularity University speakers, Ramez Naam and David Roberts are returning, and will be joined on stage by longevity expert Aubrey de Grey, alongside numerous African and South African speakers.

The 2018 SingularityU South Africa Summit will also offer a display of advanced technologies from African and global innovators that will enable delegates and their organisations to keep pace with advances in science and technology, including in the areas of Biotechnology, FinTech, Robotics, AI, Augmented and Virtual Reality and Nanotechnology.

To learn more about the SingularityU South Africa Summit and to buy your ticket, visit: https://singularityusouthafricasummit.org/