Bringing Collaboration to the Forefront of SAPPHIRE NOW with SAP Jam

Beginning June 5, more than 20,000 business professionals from around the world will descend on Orlando, Florida, to attend SAPPHIRE NOW and experience the next generation of disruptive technology.

At the event, SAP will showcase the important role that collaboration plays in connecting employees with company purpose, creating useful and meaningful employee experiences to drive business results. As we dive deeper into the hyper-connected workplace, organizations must prioritize technologies that help teams stay connected, drive productivity, increase employee engagement, and push innovation to new heights. SAP Jam collaboration technology is SAP’s answer to this growing need.

Experts and Customers

Top executives from SAP Jam, including Daisy Hernandez, global vice president of Product Management for Enterprise Collaboration, and Steve Hamrick, vice president of Enterprise Collaboration Software, will share their expertise on how to make collaboration work for your organization in sessions covering topics from knowledge sharing and training to targeting information to employees. Attendees will also hear first-hand from customers like Thomas Jefferson University on how they use SAP Jam to help ensure highly effective collaboration practices and increase employee engagement. Key interactive sessions will include:

SAP Jam’s live demo sessions will offer hands-on experience with the technology and the opportunity to see collaboration at is best in action:

  • Enhance Communication and Better Engage Your Employees
    Tuesday, 12:30–12:50 p.m., ID: BA59195
    Attract and keep the best talent in a competitive market through a superb employee experience; provide your employees with the information and tools they need to be successful and feel a part of the success of the company.
    What will be demoed: Learn how SAP Jam can help departments communicate better with employees, while also enabling employees faster and easier access to the information they need to get their jobs done.
  • Empower New Hires with the Tools and Information They Need to Be Successful
    Tuesday, 2:30–2:50 p.m., ID: BA59184
    Ensure that your new hires find the information, tools, and expert connections they need during their first 90 days and throughout their careers. Foster collaboration to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.
    What will be demoed: See how SAP Jam enables onboarding communities and how new hires can find subject matter experts to help them learn, grow and succeed.
  • Improve Marketing Program ROI, Results, and Efficiency with Collaboration
    Wednesday, 11:30–11:50 a.m., ID: BA59198
    Make it easier for marketers to plan events, create ads, and orchestrate and coordinate marketing programs, and for sales to discover, access, and share information. Help your sales force sell better through up-to-date information and training.
    What will be demoed: Learn how SAP Jam can promote better event and project management for marketing organizations as well as helping marketing effectively enable and train sales organizations.
  • Target Information to Employees Through a Collaborative Intranet
    Thursday, 12:00–12:20 p.m., ID: BA59187
    Empower departments to manage their content and direct focused information to employees without IT management or custom development. Drive results by connecting your SAP applications to a modern, mobile-ready, employee-centric collaboration platform and intranet.What will be demoed: See how departments such as HR, Sales and Service can be empowered with self-service content publishing with the SAP Jam powered intranet as well as showing how companies can engage employees and promote a culture of transparency and communication.
  • Simplify Collaborative Application Development and Rollout
    Thursday, 4:00–4:20 p.m., ID: PL61231
    Build applications quickly for the hyper-connected world. Enable development teams to collaborate with key stakeholders to make decisions effectively and quickly.
    What will be demoed:  Learn how SAP Jam can empower better application development through open collaboration, communication and project management.
  • Inform and Engage Employees with Real-Time Collaboration: Demo Session
    Thursday, 12:00–12:20 p.m., ID: PL61190
    Deliver up-to-date information to your employees, help them focus on relevant business priorities, and facilitate increased collaboration. Learn how SAP Jam Collaboration, integrated with SAP Cloud Platform, combines a simplified user experience with real-time collaboration capabilities and fast access to the right resources on any device.

SAP Jam believes in the power of collaboration and is committed to connecting the social enterprise. At SAPPHIRE NOW, visit booth BA324 to learn more about how SAP Jam can help your organization reach new heights.

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Roger Noia is director of Solution Marketing for SAP Jam.