More to Come from SAP Leonardo at SAPPHIRE NOW

It has been approximately one year since the launch of SAP Leonardo that took place at the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG conference in 2017.

A lot can happen in 12 months, as seen in how far SAP Leonardo has come since its launch — bringing intelligence to businesses around the world, helping them run at their best.

With SAP Leonardo, customers have transformed their businesses by leveraging intelligent technologies like machine learning, analytics, IoT, and industry accelerator packages as part of their enterprise business processes. The industry accelerator packages are pre-integrated capabilities designed to accelerate solving critical industry problems

As of now, SAP Leonardo offers 23 industry accelerator packages that span more than 12 industry areas, including consumer products, life sciences, manufacturing, automotive, utilities, oil and gas, and sports and entertainment. The industry accelerator packages have helped organizations understand how SAP Leonardo is relevant to their business by addressing critical industry challenges and delivering faster innovation with less risk. And more solutions come your way at SAPPHIRE NOW in 2018!

You won’t want to miss the debut of five new transformative industry accelerator packages from SAP Leonardo.

  • Minimize waste to maximize margin with SAP Leonardo for Retail, zero waste option: This industry accelerator package takes the guesswork out of daily demand forecasting for short shelf-life food and offers a vital advantage in the retail industry. Machine learning capabilities combine crucial elements such as historic point-of-sale data with inventory on hand, expected shelf life, promotions, and external factors such as weather to predict daily demand. This allows the optimization of stock on-shelf, product replenishment, and daily sales. The package not only helps improve top-line revenues — by ensuring there is always fresh stock on shelf — but the bottom line as well, by preventing overestimations of consumer demand and significantly reducing waste. Each new business day makes the solution smarter as point-of-sale data loops back into the machine learning model, moving you closer to the goal of zero waste.
  • Increase visibility into fleet analysis and operations with SAP Leonardo for Automotive, fleet insights option: This cloud-based application optimizes fleet operations by bringing sensor data together with business data to provide a global view of fleet performance for strategic decision making, and a detailed view of each vehicle for real-time operations management. IoT and analytics capabilities come together to generate insights into fleet costs and utilization, vehicle status, idle time, current and future availability, and problematic vehicles. This enables fleet operations managers to optimize vehicle usage with scheduling based on real-time information and maintenance managers to schedule maintenance in line with vehicle demand and spare parts availability, reducing vehicle downtime. As a result, organizations managing large fleets of vehicles can increase the return on vehicles, drive additional top-line revenue through higher availability, improve visibility in matching orders with capacity, and reduce annual services maintenance costs through a planned and preventative maintenance approach.
  • Move capital-intensive equipment to pay-as-you-go pricing with SAP Leonardo for Discrete Manufacturing, pay-for-outcome option: This industry accelerator package can transform business for manufacturers of industrial equipment or capital-intensive assets. One of the top emerging trends in discrete manufacturing is the pay-for-outcome business model, where equipment providers switch from selling industrial equipment to providing equipment-as-a-service. This package enables equipment providers to vet the right customers, determine pay-as-you-go pricing, and predict equipment maintenance needs. Leveraging machine learning, asset intelligence, and predictive maintenance capabilities, the solution helps calculate risk and identify strong potential customers for pay-for-outcome contracts, projects costs, and revenue to determine fair pricing and quotes, and maximize equipment uptime and availability through predictive maintenance. Equipment operators benefit from lower risk and better equipment while equipment providers broaden their customer base, generate recurring revenues, and develop closer relationships with their customers.
  • Meet temperature control requirements throughout the logistics and manufacturing process with SAP Leonardo for Life Sciences, cold chain option:This industry accelerator package provides insights to help ensure tight temperature limits and time out of refrigeration tolerance is maintained at every step of the production process — from inbound logistics to manufacturing through to distribution to pharmacies and hospitals. Combining connected goods, moving assets, and analytics capabilities, this solution allows for strict temperature monitoring, quality checks, and identification of failures at every stage and reliable insights on time out of refrigeration for every batch produced. This helps ensure compliance with manufacturing quality regulations, product quality is preserved, spoilage and spoilage costs are prevented, and yields increased in the manufacturing of medications and biologics products.
  • Ensure temperature sensitive ingredients and products maintain quality throughout the logistics and manufacturing process with SAP Leonardo for Consumer Products, cold chain option: Consumer products companies producing and selling fresh and frozen foods or beverages subject to temperature-sensitive ingredients must also maintain cold chain operations. This starts with ingredients coming into the production facility, time out of refrigeration during the production cycle, down to the final shelf where consumers can buy the product. With analytic insight into cold chain logistics, automatic tracking of time out of refrigeration, full traceability of shipped goods from source to retailer, consumer products organizations can be proactive in preventing spoilage of temperature sensitive products and maintain only the best brand quality.

To learn more, visit the SAP Leonardo and Future Technologies campus at SAPPHIRE NOW or visit sap.com/leonardo.

Jayne Landry is global vice president of  Product Marketing for SAP Leonardo and Analytics at SAP.