Experience SAPPHIRE NOW In Person or Online

In recent weeks, conversations have been gravitating toward the 2018 SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando. If you’re like me, you read this with regret that you can’t hop on a plane today and see the events unfold in person.

There is still a reason to turn that frown upside down: The only thing better than going to the center of action in the sunny state of Florida is watching the events unfold from your couch.

Here are some reasons why SAPPHIRE NOW sessions are worth a binge watching, even from afar.

Bring Intelligence to your Business

Where else will you see hundreds of sessions that bring innovators and customers together to share their own experiences, opportunities gained, and solutions with the new intelligent technologies? Hearing about “The Purpose-Driven Innovator” from speakers such as SAP CEO Bill McDermott will help maximize ways in which you can put the technology to use in the future, transform your business, and power the intelligent enterprise.


The quote “knowledge is power” is popular for a reason. While learning about the ways in which you can improve your business, you can also improve yourself. The knowledge acquired from tuning into these sessions may be used in various areas of your life — even engaging in intellectual conversation with friends and family around the dinner table. There is no such thing as knowing too much, especially when it comes to being ready for the technology that is bound to rule the future.

Be Inspired

I find that nothing motivates me to reach a goal more than hearing how others have reached theirs. Watching educational sessions can inspire ways to improve your business — you might find that a spark of determination has grown into a bright flame. If they can do it, so can you; sessions you watch will show you what path to take to achieve your business outcomes. (BONUS: You get to experience it all in the comfort of your favorite pair of joggers rather than a business suit!)

Tune into the sessions that will be live streamed across three different channels online here. To find a specific session, enter the date and respective channel along with a keyword to search the schedule. You can then add the sessions to your lineup by clicking “add to calendar.” When that time comes, just sit back, learn, and enjoy!