BHM adopt SAP’s Innovative Business Management Technology

Black House Media (BHM) has announced the adoption of the world’s leading cloud-based enterprise resource planning software, SAP, to improve its overall business operations.

This announcement comes as BHM celebrates its 12th anniversary, effectively putting the agency in an elite list of other global companies leveraging cutting edge technology to deliver top-of-the-rack consulting services to clients.

According to the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BHM, Ayeni Adekunle, the adoption of the SAP platform after months of integration and work is in line with the organisation’s mission to provide the best possible corporate and marketing communications to the best brands on earth using strategies no one can beat.

“The BHM vision is to become Africa’s leading media and public relations organisation. We believe the only way to do this is by deploying the most advanced technology solutions, extraordinary human talent and creative thinking which will deliver unbeatable results for our clients and consumers, while also building a far-reaching reputation for business and profit for our investors.”