SAP Highlights the Importance of Being an ‘Intelligent Enterprise

Enterprise software giant SAP touted the power of their Analytics Cloud software at the 2018 SAP Analytics Science Fair in Pretoria on Tuesday.

Global head of analytics, Iver van de Zand, outlined how Analytics Cloud incorporates all three of SAP Analytics’ key functionalities: Business intelligence, collaborative enterprise planning, and predictive analytics.

Van de Zand argued that using these “intelligent technologies” allows businesses to develop into “intelligent enterprises.”

SAP’s Analytics Cloud allows businesses to integrate their various analytics programs and data onto the cloud. This means that everyone in the organisation has access to the same system and data from anywhere in the world through their browser.

Van de Zand said that 82% of SAP’s analytics staff were working on Analytics Cloud, which emphasizes the importance the company places on this product.

SAP is also focused on integrating a variety of trendy technologies into their analytics systems, including IoT, machine learning, and voice search.

For example, users can request specific data – either by text or voice – and their analytics software will automatically generate relevant graphs that display the requested data.

SAP ended the presentation by taking attendees through a variety of brief tutorials that highlighted the strengths of the various tools SAP Analytics provides.

This included one example that showed how IoT can be used with SAP Analytics to run a theme park more efficiently – including tracking and predicting daily visitors, and managing queue sizes.

SAP’s analytics software is available on their website. Prospective buyers can access a free 30-day trial option to test the capabilities of the software.

This article was published in partnership with SAP.