The Importance of the Intelligent Enterprise

The ICT industry is on track to reach five trillion dollars in value this year, according to SAP Africa Channel and General Business Director Kathryn Tindale.

Speaking at the 2019 MyBroadband Cloud Conference, Tindale said that new technologies are set to unlock $100 trillion in value for society and industry by 2025.

She added that SAP Africa has invested greatly in its core platform, which it leverages to aid its customers in expanding their offerings.

“We have invested over $35 billion in enhancements to our core platform,” Tindale said. “For almost half a century, the world’s greatest brands have trusted us to help run their businesses.”

“We believe it is our responsibility to help these customers transform in times of change.”

Tindale also stressed the importance of building an intelligent enterprise which can deliver more efficient results with less resources.

“SAP’s vision of a best-run company centres on the intelligent enterprise,” she said. “Intelligent enterprises can draw deep insights from their data, they can do more with less, and they can empower employees using information.”

Tindale added that these enterprises also have the tools to respond to customer requirements in real-time, which is crucial considering the fact that 80% of customers have previously changed brand due to poor customer service.

This article first appeared on My Broadband.