What is ERP and Why Should You Care? Get the Quick Answers Here

If you have been involved in managing a growing business, you have surely heard the term ERP a lot. But what is it exactly and should you really care with all the technological changes happening daily?

What does ERP stand for?

The abbreviation ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Here is a very simple way to explain its definition: Think of all the essential parts of running a small to medium sized business effectively. There is finance, procurement, manufacturing, inventory control, logistics, services, customer retention management and more to manage. An ERP system integrates all of these processes into a single system. It streamlines your work while making the information at hand more accurate and accessible.

What do you get from an ERP?

With ERP systems you get overall visibility and control over your business, its processes and operations. These systems facilitate the flow of information between departments in real-time by using the latest technologies. That enables you to make decisions based on accurate data in real-time to stay on top of your game. An ERP gives you the ability to increase efficiency across all aspects of your business. The analytics you get from ERPs also empowers you to plan properly to deal with current risks and future opportunities.

Which ERP is right for your business?

The leading ERP solution in the small-to-medium enterprise market in South Africa is SAP Business One. It is built from the ground up, by global technology giant SAP, to give local SMEs the functionality and technology used by large companies, like big data analytics, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT), tailored to suit the needs and budgets of smaller businesses. SAP Business One has helped hundreds of businesses ranging from manufacturers, agricultural cooperatives and transportation businesses through to retailers, distributors and importers to integrate all their key operational, financial and customer service divisions.

Is ERP affordable for a growing smaller business?

You might think that an integrated system would be too costly for an SME, but Seidor Bluekey can implement systems to suit businesses of almost any size. The initial expense is probably not as much as you imagined. If you got the right system and are using it to its full advantage, the rewards you’ll get will soon more than outweigh the investment.