How to Make Sure You Have a Winning Experience at SAP TechEd in 2019

Something I admire about professional athletes is their relentless dedication to improvement. From ice hockey to soccer, players train year-round to refine their skills and ensure that when they show up on game day, they deliver a best-in-class performance.

As the workplace continues to evolve and become increasingly digital, modern employees need to take on a similar approach to their professional development – adopting a continuous learning mindset, just like an athlete’s “always-on” training regimen, to keep up with the pace of technological change.

SAP TechEd in 2019 is an exciting opportunity to jumpstart this kind of learning. Throughout the event, SAP will provide a holistic, 360-degree approach to learning for attendees, free of charge, to ensure that they’re able to get the most out of the event’s content before, during, and after the conference.

Practice Makes Perfect

The skills that an athlete practices before a game or tournament allow for peak performance when it matters most, and we want to offer the same practice opportunities to attendees at SAP TechEd in 2019. We have created a dedicated SAP Learning Room within the SAP Learning Hub, event edition for SAP TechEd, where participants can begin their Learning Journey for SAP TechEd up to four weeks before the event.

From the moment you register for SAP TechEd in 2019, you’ll have free access to SAP Learning Hub, event edition for SAP TechEd, allowing you to begin planning your Learning Journey by browsing the seven tracks that will be explored onsite:

  • Explore the Intelligent Enterprise
  • Integration Out-of-the-Box
  • Digital Transformation and Cloud Application Architecture
  • Applied Intelligence
  • Next-Gen Data Management and Artificial Intelligence
  • User Experience
  • Security by Default

From there, you can decipher which track best aligns with your needs and begin exploring the correlating Learning Journey for SAP TechEd through pre-conference resources and openSAP courses. By beginning their learning experience and mapping out a tailored agenda ahead of time, attendees can arrive to SAP TechEd with their head already in the game.

A Streamlined Experience, On and Off the Field

Practice is an integral part of any game, but what happens on the field during a match is just as important. The same rules apply to event Learning Journeys, where pre-conference learning is followed by tailored hands-on sessions, workshops, live demos, and keynotes that align with each of the seven tracks onsite.

Last year, 80 percent of SAP TechEd attendees noted that with Learning Journeys, they were able to identify the right learning opportunities before and during the conference, making it easier to navigate the continuous learning jungle. One SAP Mentor commented, “What took me about two-and-a-half hours in the years before, now only took 25 minutes and I have my agenda built.”

By entering the conference with a clear view of the best-fit agenda content, attendees can spend more time building upon their pre-conference learnings, and internalizing the new concepts being discussed onsite.

Just like an athlete would review footage following a game to identify areas for growth, the next step in each Learning Journey for SAP TechEd allows attendees to extend their learning beyond the event space. All participants are able to access recorded sessions and materials through January 2020 via SAP Learning Hub, event edition for SAP TechEd, and continue building upon concepts through access to virtual live sessions dedicated to hot topics from SAP TechEd in 2019.

Room for Improvement

Winning one game isn’t the be-all and end-all. There is always room to evolve one’s skills, and this is a mentality that we take to heart at SAP, and we know our customers and partners do too. As such, we’re innovating to make sure that the same 360-degree learning experience introduced for SAP TechEd in 2019 is available in every touchpoint an individual has with SAP.

For example, the SAP Enable Now framework has grown to offer customers intelligent in-app user assistance, enabling individuals to learn without having to leave the task at hand. If you’re interested in learning more about this pre-integrated, always-on resource, stop by our learning experience space at the developer garage at SAP TechEd 2019 in Las Vegas and Barcelona for a demo on how you can integrate this tool into your continuous learning.

We also recognize that hands-on experience is an essential component to continuous learning. Offering several opportunities for users to gain first-hand experience with solutions before outcomes is mission-critical. One example is SAP S/4HANA Simulation by Baton Simulations, which gives SAP customers a chance to familiarize themselves with SAP’s digital core in a fun, team-based environment.

SAP Learning Hub is also a continuously evolving source of knowledge and support for SAP customers. In celebration of the platform’s five-year anniversary, we have prepared some surprises for you on the SAP TechEd show floors.

Are these enough reasons for you to attend SAP TechEd in 2019? Then register here today and get ready for your learning experience.

Eva Zauke is senior vice president of SAP Knowledge and Education.