It’s Time to Turn Growth Potential Into Real Results

Stop juggling and start managing. Sounds easier said than done, especially if you’re running a manufacturing or distribution business. Production planning, procurement, inventory management, order fulfilment and shipping are balls which cannot be dropped. Enter ERP — a system that helps you maintain and align processes across your business, through planning and tracking.

Security management and data privacy

Some of the largest barriers to cloud ERP adoption are perceived risk of security breach, according to a study by Panorama Consulting. 29% of those surveyed were concerned about security while 16% felt that information about cloud offerings was insufficient and 9% perceived risk of data loss.

SAP Business ByDesign relies on management, supervision and maintenance from SAP experts in world-class and safe data centres. SAP also performs the software updates for you so you can focus on your business. Trust and security are based on the financial stability of SAP as the world’s biggest business software provider over the last 40 years.

A single source of truth

As a business leader, you want to ensure that your team really works as a team but what exactly does this mean?

As a team, this means that you are working with one version of the truth and this is exactly what our cloud ERP solution provides. This cloud-based ERP gives you access to your entire business 24/7 on mobile devices or in any way you like, leveraging reports, KPIs and dashboards preloaded into the solution.

Leading a business also means having an IT system with a predictable cost. SAP Business ByDesign has a simple pricing scheme that allows you to calculate upfront what the total cost of ownership will be and how you can leverage the solution into the growth of your company.

Let’s grow with you

SAP Business ByDesign is cloud-based subscription ERP for fast-growing, mid-market businesses and contains finance, CRM, HR, project management, supplier relationship management and supply chain components.
As a plug-and-play solution, the system has all the business elements you need inside the “suite in a box” and ready to go. Start with basic finance and discovery more functionality as you go.

Add more users as you grow, while the system grows with you. Built for growth, ByDesign is a dynamic, configurable solution that will drive growth today and keep growing with your business. This is how cutting-edge tech brand Skullcandy grew using SAP Business ByDesign.

Get up and running

ERP and CRM remain the strongest and most popular types of business applications companies of all sizes are investing in. Fifty-three percent of businesses consider both systems as priority investments.

SAP Business ByDesign is quick to implement. In an average of eight to 10 weeks, we’ll work with you to understand your business processes. Let’s help you configure and implement your system with the minimum fuss. The beauty of our system is that it’s flexible. Should you want more than the basic package, we can build it for you.

“We now have a clear, real-time overview of all tasks being carried out at each of our sites. If we receive an order at a site that’s overloaded, it’s very easy to pass this order on to another site,” says Thierry Sourisseau, head of IT Groupe Valantur. “SAP Business ByDesign makes our life simple.”

Keen to try out SAP Business ByDesign?

Seidor is a certified SAP Business ByDesign partner and has experience implementing the cloud-based ERP software solution in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, professional services and retail. We are also authorised to develop add-on solutions through the SAP Business ByDesign SDK (software development kit). Check out our vertical solutions and horizontal add-ons for SAP Business ByDesign delivered by our outstanding internal team of developers.

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