Conversation Starters | Pearls of Wisdom: From a Life in IT, from Then till AI


Our newest episode, “Pearls of Wisdom: From a Life in IT, From Then Till AI,” showcases an in-depth conversation with David Cohn, the CIO at Shoprite, one of Africa’s largest retailers.

In this episode, David shares the journey of his life in IT, from humble beginnings to his current role as a tech leader. From reflecting on his early days in the industry to sharing his predictions about the future of AI, David opens up about the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Some highlights from the episode:
David’s career journey and the evolution of IT
His take on the impact of AI on our daily lives
Words of wisdom for young professionals looking to make a mark in the industry

Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights from a seasoned tech expert. Tune in now to Pearls of Wisdom and discover the pearls of wisdom shared by David Cohn!

Conversation Starters. | Pearls of Wisdom: from a life in IT, from then till AI