Twinings Ovaltine Harnesses RISE with SAP S/4HANA for Digital Transformation


World famous wellbeing drinks business completes the first stage of its digital transformation journey with SAP 

LONDON, UK – 12 June, 2024 –Twinings Ovaltine, the international wellbeing drinks business, has completed the first wave of its RISE with SAP cloud migration to improve the efficiency and resiliency of its global operations, meet the evolving needs of its customer base and improve employee productivity. 

 With an existing multi-year digital transformation programme underway, the move to the cloud is helping Twinings Ovaltine enter a new phase of digital innovation and better respond to the demands of global customers.  

 In moving seven different ERP platforms to the cloud, Twinings Ovaltine has unified its estate, and simultaneously addressed issues with siloed data which impacts collaboration and decision-making globally. Now, it has the platform to expand its product roadmap, be agile to customer trends and behaviours, and streamline operations for growth.  

In partnership since 2011, Twinings Ovaltine has placed its trust in SAP to reduce its overheads, optimise its ERP processes from procurement to HR, and empower its decision-making with better access to data. In completing its first migration to RISE with SAP S/4HANA, Twinings Ovaltine now deploys an entire portfolio of SAP solutions in SAP Digital Supply Chain Management, Business Technology Platform and Ariba, that provides digital transformation across the business.  

 SAP delivers automated and simplified business processes for Twinings Ovaltine in the cloud, enhanced user experiences, real-time data and insights, and near real-time sales, inventory and process visibility. This allows Twinings Ovaltine to operate intelligently and at speed, while responding to the needs and behaviours of its customers and the wider market. 

 With SAP Digital Supply Chain Management and Ariba, Twinings Ovaltine can modernise its supply chain and procurement operations, whilegaining greater visibility into wider value chains. This helps to protect the company against global supply chain disruption, and ensures the tea-maker can partner with suppliers that share similar values.   

Sandeep Seeripat, Global Business Transformation and Technology Officer, Twinings Ovaltine, said: “Twinings is sold in more than 100 countries worldwide and Ovaltine’s malted beverages and snacks are consumed throughout the day in countries across the globe. But what people want to drink, when and where is always evolving. We needed a platform that could scale with us, and help us go above and beyond to delight our customers. Moving our ERP to the cloud with RISE with SAP is enabling us to do just that, setting the foundations for future growth and expansion, empowering us to make faster and more accurate decisions, and streamlining our global operations.” 

Ryan Poggi, Managing Director, SAP UK&I, said: “As a longstanding SAP customer and household name, we’re continuing to support Twinings Ovaltine as it looks to become a more resilient, customer-focused business. With the flexibility, speed and agility of the cloud, businesses like Twinings can intelligently adapt to meet changing consumer expectations, while also futureproofing itself against a fast-changing socio-economic landscape.”