SAP Wins Major Project with National Australia Group

Sydney, AustraliaSAP Australia has today announced that it has won a major contract with the National Australia Group to supply integrated enterprise software as part of the bank’s programme to upgrade its management information capability. The National, the largest bank in the Asia Pacific region and the ninth most profitable bank worldwide, has initiated the project to facilitate the restructure of its business model from a geographic, product-based structure to global customer-centric lines of business.

“The National intends to pursue an innovative approach to bringing these capabilities into the organisation in order to reduce time to implement, lower overall cost impact and increase the speed with which benefits can be realised for an initiative of this nature,” said Michael Coomer, Programme Sponsor for the Integrated Systems Implementation (ISI) Programme and Chief Information Officer at the National.

“The key differentiator was how well the SAP vision for comprehensive banking industry solutions aligned with our strategic goals,” said Kuldeep Kishore, Integrated Systems Implementation (ISI) Programme Director at the National. “SAP will enable the National to globally integrate our information infrastructure to facilitate our new customer-centric business model and our aggressive transition into the ‘dot.com’ marketplace.”

“With over 500 banking clients worldwide, SAP is capable of supporting the National Australia Group’s global operations in Europe and the Americas, as well as in Asia Pacific,” said Les Hayman, President & CEO, SAP Asia Pacific. “The National will be the first major bank headquartered in this region to utilise SAP’s proven ability to provide the comprehensive financial information systems infrastructure that banks require as the new century begins.”

“SAP will partner with the National to develop the key building blocks needed to build the National’s information system into a customer-oriented, web-enabled environment,” said Anthony Harris, CEO & Executive Vice President, SAP Australia and New Zealand. “With the SAP Banking solution, the National will gain the technological agility to aggressively compete for the most attractive markets and customers.”

To meet the demanding information systems requirements typical in banking, the SAP Banking solution provides banks with a robust, flexible and scalable systems backbone populated with industry-specific functionality. Its applications enable line and executive management to have a consistent view of their business, thus eliminating inconsistent data and numerous reconciliation points that traditionally have been problems for financial services companies.

SAP Banking’s broad industry-specific solution covers Strategic Enterprise Management (Profit Analyzer, Risk Analyzer and Strategy Analyzer), Business Management (Human Resources, Accounting, Purchasing, Asset Management, Project Management), Customer Relationship Management and Core Banking.