Market Leaders SAP and Telstra Join Forces to Power e-Enterprises with mySAP.com

First business portal to offer collaborative commerce in Asia Pacific

Sydney, AustraliaMarket leaders, SAP Asia Pacific and Telstra Corporation have announced a strategic alliance to deliver the mySAP.com Marketplace, collaborative business scenarios and Application Hosting services to enterprises in Australia, New Zealand and South Asia. This strategic alliance creates the first collaborative commerce portal in Asia Pacific through mySAP.com. The mySAP.com Marketplace will enable enterprises to create value by increasing efficiencies, developing new business opportunities and reducing cost.

Under an agreement signed today, SAP and Telstra have committed to work on a relationship under which SAP will provide the inter-enterprise applications through mySAP.com and Telstra will provide infrastructure and connectivity for hosting the mySAP.com Marketplace solutions. In addition, SAP and Telstra will jointly set up a Collaborative Solutions Factory (C-Factory) aimed at developing products and services that combine mySAP.com solutions, Telstra’s technologies and services, and third party technologies for the mySAP.com Marketplace. SAP and Telstra will leverage their existing market channels to bring these solutions to their joint corporate customers in Australia and New Zealand.

“As enterprises evolve to become e-businesses the mySAP.com Marketplace, powered by Telstra’s regional communications, IT and hosting infrastructure, provides a powerful integration and collaboration platform for business in the region, ” said Ted Pretty, Group Managing Director, Convergent Business, Telstra Corporation Ltd. “This alliance underscores our commitment to work with Telstra’s customers and partners to help them succeed in the Internet economy and is part of Telstra’s commitment to provide customers with a rich set of business applications.”

“Asia Pacific enterprises are challenged to meet global market standards of operational efficiency across their supply chain and in their customer relationships, said Les Hayman, President and CEO of SAP Asia Pacific. “We bring the strengths of both companies to turn Internet promises into profit for corporations.”

The solutions and services offered by SAP and Telstra will enable enterprises to create value, by increasing efficiencies, developing new business opportunities and reducing cost. The solutions offered by SAP and Telstra will enable enterprises to optimize their business processes by integrating them with their customers, suppliers and partners in a collaborative e-business environment.

mySAP.com Marketplace provides SAP and Telstra customers and partners and other major industry participants with the ability to create value through collaborative business scenarios over the Internet. These scenarios include e-procurement, collaborative engineering, collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment and other scenarios for a wide range of industries. Customers will benefit from expanded markets, reduced transaction costs, global sourcing, market transparency, lower costs of sales and lower costs of collaboration.
The innovative services and collaborative scenarios produced by the C-Factory, hosted by Telstra in Australia, will be delivered through the mySAP.com Marketplace. The C-Factory will also focus on enriching the mySAP.com Workplace, SAP’s enterprise portal, with Telstra’s technologies and services. This will create a pervasive user interface utilizing the mySAP.com Workplace that delivers value-added Telstra technologies–such as Voice over IP, click to call, voice recognition technologies and WAP-based services-, and mySAP.com applications and Marketplace services that empower anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Telstra and SAP will also work together on application hosting services to enable application service provider partners to deliver mySAP.com solutions to corporate customers in vertical markets.

About Telstra
Telstra Corporation Limited is the leading fully integrated, full service electronic communications and information services provider in Australia, and a major telecommunications player in the Asia Pacific region. Telstra owns and operates one of the most technologically advanced networks in the region, offering end-to-end solutions ranging from broadband, IP, mobile and intelligent network services, to voice and data network hubs, call centres, and advanced multimedia and e-commerce applications.
Telstra has been successful in leveraging its infrastructure strength and customer base to enter growth markets. A top tier global carrier with fiscal 1998/99 revenue of A$18.2 billion (US$11billion), Telstra has strong and established wholesale and retail relationships throughout the marketplace. Additional information is available at: www.telstra.com.