SAP delivers e-Commerce Starter Pack based on mySAP.com

Pre-configured e-commerce solution enables SAP customers to become

Sydney, AustraliaSAP, the leading provider of inter-enterprise software solutions, has announced delivery of the e-Commerce Starter Pack, the first offering in a series of pre-configured e-commerce solutions. The e-Commerce Starter Pack bundles the mySAP.com buying solution (SAP Business-to-Business Procurement), mySAP.com selling solution (SAP Online Store) and the mySAP.com Workplace, enabling organisations to start leveraging the Internet in as little as six days.

The implementation of the e-Commerce Starter Pack creates the ideal platform for linking up to the mySAP.com Marketplace, an online business-to-business community which enhances and supports the supply chain by allowing companies to find and collaborate with business partners, customers and product and service suppliers. The e-Commerce Starter Pack is targeted for existing SAP customers, ensuring a rapid implementation of e-commerce solutions via mySAP.com, leveraging existing investments in SAP solutions with mySAP.com.

“SAP has delivered the integral components of the mySAP.com initiative in one easy-to-use package, enabling existing customers to access global business opportunities through the Internet,” said Pascal Grant, national e-commerce manager, SAP Australia and New Zealand. “By utilising the e-Commerce Starter Pack, customers will be able to optimise their business processes while preparing for on-line transactional processes set to revolutionise trading communities.”

e-Commerce Starter Pack offers immediate business benefits
For all companies that already have SAP R/3, the e-Commerce Starter Pack is a quick and easy way to obtain several business benefits, for example, the ability to leverage the Internet for procurement of non-production goods and services.

SAP Business-to-Business Procurement will enable customers to significantly reduce procurement costs while leveraging their purchasing power through effective supplier relations. Studies have shown that companies using or planning to use the mySAP.com buying solution can achieve a return on investment ranging from 245 percent to 400 percent.

In addition to electronic procurement capabilities, customers will be able to open a Web-based sales channel with SAP Online Store to sell products and services directly to consumers or other businesses. Customers can take advantage of the pre-configured interfaces, which will guarantee quick and seamless integration with SAP R/3 back-office functions.

Furthermore, the role-based mySAP.com Workplace will bring a personalised touch to users as well as provide them with portal access to all necessary information, allowing them to increase their productivity on a day-to-day basis.

The e-Commerce Starter Pack also provides consulting services to ensure that customers have the functionality configured in just six days and facilitate the accelerated implementation of a full-fledged e-commerce solution.

Availability and pricing
The e-Commerce Starter Pack is available immediately, with additional releases beginning in second quarter. More information is available at http://www.sap.com/estarter.