Optima Computer Technology to Go Live with mySAP CRM 3.0

New system will provide multi-channel capabilities with full integration to supporting back-office business processes

Sydney, AustraliaOptima Computer Technology will soon be able to offer full Internet-based product configuration and ordering, as well as the logging and processing of services calls to more than ten thousand clients and product users when its mySAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation goes live in August 2002.

Optima, the largest local computer vendor in Australia, will integrate its customer service operations with its sales, marketing, service and production systems to provide a seamless flow of business throughout the company.

“We want to provide the highest level of flexibility, customisation and responsiveness to our clients. We can only do that if we have a system that allows us to match customer requirements with our production capacity,” said Cornel Ung, Managing Director of Optima Computer Technology. “Our local implementation partner, eGlobal, has played a major role in turning our vision into reality”.

The Optima project will enable the company to provide multi-channel marketing, sales and service to its clients, as well as full integration to supporting back-office business processes.

“The company realise that we need an integrated system – a CRM environment that can be linked back to and be part of our complete ERP system. We need it to maintain and sustain our growth in the coming years,” Ung said.

Optima currently assembles and ships more than 6,000 units a month. Their computer assembling operations involve a lot of complex processes including the handling of customer orders, configuring products to different specifications, servicing product warranties and constant customer service. The company believes that a stand-alone CRM solution would not be suitable for such a complex set up. Ung said with continuing growth and business expansion, Optima need a system that is fully integrated, flexible and scalable that will grow with the company.

“We’ve considered other solutions but we decided to go with SAP because they offer the most integrated solution and they have good industry knowledge and experience that we can rely on.”

Laurence Buchanan, CRM Business Development lead for SAP (ANZ) commented: “We are delighted to see another successful mySAP CRM customer in the ANZ region. The approach taken by Optima’s senior management and eGlobal in this initiative has been refreshing. They recognised immediately that any CRM project needs to look at people and processes across the organisation and that ROI comes from using technology to enable a sound business strategy”.

Optima is a wholly Australian owned manufacturer, its success is dependent entirely on the quality, service and value offered to Australian customers. All company profits generated remain in Australia.