QLD Research Centre Provides the IT Solutions for Israel

Tel-Aviv, IsraelPremier Peter Beattie has congratulated the Queensland Corporate Research Centre of worldwide software solutions company SAP for its significant contribution to SAP Portals in Israel which have become the primary IT solutions provider for the Israeli Government.

“A contract of this size is a tremendous coup for SAP and a glowing endorsement of SAP Australia’s decision to choose the Smart State as the base for this Corporate Research Centre in 2001,” said Mr Beattie

“Dedicated personnel will be employed to work with SAP Portals in Israel on software developments in an effort to further extend the link of knowledge between Brisbane and Israel.

“This is another example of the benefits of Queensland’s Smart State initiative where we see business leaders such as SAP working to export Queensland’s intellectual property to the rest of the world.

SAP employs about 29,000 people in more than 50 countries and has established nine corporate research centres. SAP Labs represent a dynamic community in SAP’s Global Research and Development organisation, with operations in Australia, Bulgaria, France, India, Israel, Japan and North America.

Globally, SAP has seven corporate research programs, two of which are led by Brisbane-based researchers.

“I am told the Brisbane centre has quickly grown in status to become one of the major contributors to SAP’s global research arm,” said Mr Beattie.

The technology and intellectual property involved in the projects, which can take up to 36 months to develop, is being shared with SAP Portals in Israel, helping with its research, development and deployment of SAP solutions all over the world.

SAP’s Brisbane Corporate Research Centre is continuing to build on the substantial intellectual property generated from these programs and others through the use of products which have involved collaboration with Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland, the Distributed Systems Technology Centre and a number of Queensland small and medium businesses.

The Centre has also become involved in scholarship programs at the two universities to ensure the continuing development of Brisbane’s research talent.

“It all goes to show that major companies, universities and small businesses in Queensland are all contributing to the Smart State’s expertise and reputation,” said Mr Beattie.

“In addition, Queensland will be hosting the 2004 SAP Asia-Pacific conference, SAPPHIRE, for about 1,300 international and 400 Australian delegates for three days at the beginning of June.”

Mr Beattie is leading a 10-day trade and investment mission aimed at creating new business opportunities and strengthening Queensland’s ties in Israel, the UK, Ireland and the Continent.