Rakon Invests in SAP’s mySAP All-in-One

Auckland, New ZealandSAP partner, Intelligroup announced today it has completed the first of three phases to implement SAP’s mySAP All-in-One at Rakon Limited, a leading electronics company. The first phase of delivery goes live today. The project began in January this year.

The first phase of the SAP solution includes fully integrated functionality of the finance and sales systems. The next two phases will involve upgrading the inventory and manufacturing systems.

The mySAP All-in-One business solution was selected for its solution capability and breadth of functionality in the hi-tech industry. With the SAP functionality in place, Rakon will ultimately improve its business efficiencies, leading to greater visibility of its operations as well as improved reporting.

The solution delivery was accelerated by utilising SAP’s industry specific best practices for hi-tech companies. The best practices delivered as part of the solution embody global experience and development in the form of pre-configured business processes combined with comprehensive documentation.

As the business of Rakon has grown, so too has the need to better manage materials, co-products, by-products, production and quality, sales and sales forecasting, finished goods and reporting.

David Grant, General Manager, Rakon Ltd said Rakon’s business had grown to the point that improved information flow and reporting of business performance was needed. He said a key element of the solution required was something that could cope with the complexities of Rakon’s hi-tech business.

“We wanted something that could deal with co-products and by-products and products made from any one of many designs.

“After evaluating the alternatives, we decided that SAP’s mySAP All-in-One was the best ‘out-of-the-box’ fit for our entire business. You don’t need to worry about optional extras – everything needed is part of the core product,” said Mr Grant.

The SAP implementation is the culmination of months of comprehensive discussions and planning between Intelligroup and Rakon.

SAP New Zealand Managing Director Ian Black said that with the breadth of functionality and scalability that the mySAP All-in-One business solution offers combined with industry specific best practices, manufacturers will benefit greatly with reduced costs, improved production and vastly improved reporting.

“Rakon has an excellent global reputation as a leader in its field and SAP is very proud that they have chosen the latest solutions from SAP and have been so successful in implementing them,” said Mr Black.

“In this first phase the SAP solution will simplify Rakon’s core financial, sales and distribution processes, and going forward it will be provided with a more cohesive, scalable system that will ultimately lead to greater business efficiencies,” he said.

Perry Nicholson, Sales Executive, Intelligroup said by integrating SAP’s industry-leading business solutions, Intelligroup has completed phase one of providing Rakon with faster access to critical data, as well as the tools to use that information to improve business efficiencies and practices.

“SAP’s business solutions span 23 industry verticals which include hi-tech and manufacturing. With Rakon being awarded the 2003 New Zealand hi-tech Electronics and Supreme Company Awards, the SAP solution is ideally suited for its very demanding business needs,” said Mr Nicholson.

About Rakon

Rakon Limited is a world leader in the development of high performance
frequency control technology based on quartz crystals, which lie at the
heart of all electronics products. The Rakon reputation has been established
over the course of three decades As a result Rakon has become a global
leader in the essential electronics industry through the ability to combine
highly innovative technology with a practical ‘hands-on’ approach to meet
customer specifications. On these solid foundations Rakon continues to
evolve to bring together the unique Rakon design and quality-testing expertise
with larger production capacity.

Rakon prides its self on innovation, quality, performance and service.
Rakon pioneered the development of oscillators capable of maintaining
high levels of accuracy and unique lock-on stability in extreme environments.
As a result, Rakon supplies over 50% of the frequency control devices
used by the GPS industry.

About Intelligroup
Intelligroup New Zealand Ltd is part of a global corporation that employs
some 1,500 IT professionals that operate from offices in Europe, USA and
Asia Pacific. With offices in Auckland and Wellington, Intelligroup NZ
Ltd (founded in 1995) has grown to now employ some 50 IT professionals.
Our team offers a variety of technical services including;

  • Design and development capabilities for SAP solutions.

  • Integration and implementation services.

  • Consulting and project management services.

  • On-going support and facilities management services.

  • A business partner of HP.

    Intelligroup has built its business around offering the SAP suite of
    business solutions which include R3 (for large Corporations), mySAP All-in-One
    (for small to medium business) and SAP’s Business One, for small companies
    that still need a suitable solution that is cost effective, functionally
    rich and scalable.