The Sky is the Limit for New Zealand Crane Hire, Enprise and SAP

SAP Business One to Provide Platform for Growth to Auckland’s Largest Crane Company

Auckland, New ZealandSAP New Zealand today announced New Zealand Group Holdings (NZGH) has chosen SAP partner Enprise and SAP Business One as part of a commercial growth and business transformation initiative. The majority owner in a number of specialist hire businesses, NZGH has purchased SAP Business One to streamline business processes relating to financial, asset and customer management across the entire group.

A complete overhaul of NZGH’s current operating system was required to provide visibility into real-time business performance, improve operational efficiency and establish financial controls in line with strategic business plans.

Enprise has worked closely with New Zealand Crane Hire to develop a job-costing module tailored to their specific needs. With SAP Business One, New Zealand Crane Hire will be able to use the customised job-costing module to provide cost-efficient quotes, manage contracts and time, and schedule company resources.

New Zealand Group Holdings, which includes New Zealand Crane Hire, New Zealand Access, New Zealand Tower Cranes, New Zealand Telehandlers and Equipment Capital Group, currently operates disparate software applications to manage accounting, CRM, asset management and job costing. Each application had a different look and feel and staff found them hard to use. NZGH decided the best way to facilitate company-wide change and eradicate inefficiencies caused by disparate systems was to implement a new software system.

“Over the past six years, New Zealand Group Holdings has installed a number of programs in an attempt to customise a system to suit their needs,” said Leanne Graham, Sales and Marketing Director, Enprise Solutions. “They were delighted when we presented them with the solution to their problems – SAP’s pre-packaged solution for SMBs. And even better, they were able to influence the priorities of the job-costing module during the development stage and add features specific to their industry.”

The individual leasing companies of New Zealand Group Holdings share a common customer base. The CRM functionality in SAP Business One will be leveraged to improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts and ensure tailored offerings for customers. Staff will be able to access a complete customer history, with all relevant company information at their fingertips, this will allow them to offer customers targeted and complementary products from across the group, ultimately offering a better service.

“We liked the uniformity of SAP Business One for users across all applications, as this simplified user training and improved user acceptance,” said Deane Manley, Director, New Zealand Group Holdings. “We also wanted a system that encouraged employee accountability, which devolves responsibility for systems management to individual team members. This is a much more efficient way to operate and ensure company information is always up to date.”

New Zealand Cranes has over 250 equipment items to monitor and regularly maintain. The asset management applications within SAP Business One will store asset maintenance information and execute automated alerts for managers to ensure scheduled maintenance occurs on time. SAP Business One will also keep a record of irregular maintenance requests for different machines. The module will be used by NZGH to ensure staff training and licenses are up to date by prompting first aid training and safety permits against an agreed schedule.

“Being able to manage operations with an integrated, affordable and easy-to-use system is a business objective not unique to New Zealand Group Holdings,” said Alex Morcom, SMB Manager, SAP New Zealand. “The consistent, intuitive environment in SAP Business One means employees can master it quickly and access the information they need, when and how they need it. This translates into a new level of control and visibility while increasing the profitability of NZGH’s business.”