SAP Outstrips Competition to Win SMB Deal in Queensland

Wagners, privately owned, family company that provides a mix of engineering related products and services – concrete and quarry materials, transportation, land development and composite fibre technologies selects mySAP All-in-One

Sydney, AustraliaSAP and SMB skilled partner, Extend Technologies, today announced that Wagners, a Queensland based engineering services company, has selected mySAP All-in-One to manage operations across a diverse range of industry segments. Wagners conducted a detailed review of software options, before selecting mySAP All-in-One.

The first phase of the mySAP All-in-One implementation is intended to deliver integrated business process functionality encompassing financials, supply chain, logistics, payroll, sales, and human resource management replacing in-house legacy systems.

“We selected mySAP All-in-One following a competitive review because the detail and approach Extend Technologies took fit with our criteria, costs and culture,” said Denis Wagner, Managing Director, Wagners. “We required a system that would enable us to improve business efficiency and customer service, as well as keep pace with our ongoing organisational growth targets.”

A key differentiator in this project was the emphasis on the human resources and payroll processes required by Wagners. The real time capture of labour for job costing can be complex; Extend Technologies’ SAP “add-on” solution, X10.HR.Payroll, supported Wagners’ business requirements as vocalised by many other Australian mid market businesses.

Subsequent project phases will take advantage of SAP’s NetWeaver platform to integrate GPS systems, wireless vehicle devices and radio frequency identification tags (RFID). Ultimately, Wagners will roll out mySAP All-in-One across its international operations, enabling it to consolidate financial processes across multiple geographies.

Wagners has 550 employees and is a privately owned family company with operations in five industry segments; concrete and quarry materials, transportation, land development and composite fibre technologies. Wagners has been involved in high profile engineering projects in Australia including; the Burnett River Dam, Alcan Gove Third Stage Expansion, Jindabyne Dam – Spillway Upgrade, Kogan Creek Power Station and Millmerran Power Station.

Max White, Managing Director, Extend Technologies said, “Australia’s SMBs are a major engine of the Australian economy, to become more competitive in an increasingly global environment they are looking to reduce costs and data inefficiencies caused by isolated and disparate systems. SAP is selecting skilled SMB partners like Extend Technologies to work directly with companies to ensure SAP solutions are successful in this differentiated IT market.”

Extend Technologies, the winner of last year’s SMB Excellence Award for APA, has been an SAP software reseller and integrator since 2003. The company was created to help SMBs overcome the complexities of integrating internal and external business systems.

Tim Cavill, SMB Director, SAP Australia & New Zealand said, “This significant win shows yet another mid-market company recognising that SAP is the right solution to support their growth and innovation in their market. One of our key mySAP All-in-One partners, Extend Technologies, engaged with Wagners to fully understand their business requirements now and in the future and, hence, won this significant contract.”