SAP launches New Zealand-specific SAP All-In-One Solution

SAP All-In-One Solution provides localised, pre-built solution for mid-size companies

Auckland, New ZealandSAP has launched SAP All-In-One Solution to fast track adoption of ERP (enterprise resource planning) for mid-size companies in New Zealand.

The SAP All-In-One Solution provides a localised, pre-built solution for mid-size companies for rapid ERP deployment via a best practice methodology. New Zealand business requirements such as a Chart of Accounts, taxation requirements including GST and predefined local data are pre-configured and built into the package, which has been road tested by the New Zealand partner community. A proven, step-by-step, deployment process clarifies scope and reduces risk.

“The SAP All-In-One Solution makes it easier and more affordable for New Zealand mid-size companies, working with our channel partners, to access, deploy and start realising the benefits of SAP software,” says Ian Black, managing director SAP New Zealand.

“SAP All-in-One Solutions will be welcomed by growing mid-size companies in New Zealand looking to improve their business operations but worried about ‘betting the business’ on a large system implementation.”

“SAP partners will be able to more easily qualify customer or industry specific needs and scope out customisation options. This will enable faster, more efficient ERP deployments for mid-size companies, reducing project risk and overall cost,” says Ian.

There are three main components to SAP All-In-One Solution:
 Detailed, step-by-step implementation procedures
 Extensive, reusable documentation for scope evaluation, project team and end-user training
 Complete pre-configuration settings that provide everything needed to run integrated key processes.

SAP established eleven SME Solution Centres in mid 2006 to accelerate the development of industry solutions for small and midsize enterprises. This solution has been purpose built by SAP’s SME development teams for SAP’s indirect sales channel in New Zealand. SAP will also market and sell the SAP All-In-One Solution directly to SAP direct customers, in accordance with its hybrid go-to-market strategy for midsize enterprises.

The SAP Partner community has welcomed the localised SAP All-In-One Solution and the anticipated reduction in operation costs and therefore end cost to customers.

“This will certainly speed up the delivery of all projects,” says Richard King, practice lead, ERP and BI Business Consulting at Hewlett Packard New Zealand.

Les Greef, partner, Business Consulting Services at IBM New Zealand describes the new version as a “Vast improvement, visionary, impressive.”

“Streamlined package development and qualification processes mean that we can rapidly expand our portfolio of solutions through the global network of SME Solution Centres,” says Ian Black.

“This approach reduces the software development and configuration burden on partners and allows them to focus on the delivery of effective and affordable solutions for mid-size enterprises. The SAP All-In-One Solution is the first product to be delivered to market in this way.”

A recent study of customers and SAP Partners in the Asia Pacific region (including New Zealand) detailed the positive impact of using an All-in-One Solution including:
 Only half of the consulting and customer resources required for deployment
 32 percent reduction in implementation timeframe
 Cost savings between NZ$48,000 – $290,000 ($87,000 on average)