SAP Australia New Zealand announces record year of growth in 2008

Retail, Utilities and Mining sectors continue to lead investment in information infrastructure

Sydney. AustraliaSAP Australia New Zealand has recorded a record year of growth in 2008, with strong growth in the Retail, Utilities and Mining industries where investment in infrastructure remained strong.

In 2008, SAP ANZ recorded overall revenue growth year on year of 33% in constant currency (24% growth calculated in Euro). 2008 Software Licence revenue for ANZ grew 72% over the previous year (55% in Euro).

Splitting out by country, overall revenues grew 36% in Australia and 22% in New Zealand. Software Licence revenue grew 79% year on year in Australia and 20% in New Zealand.

“SAP ANZ was the most outstanding SAP hub in the world in 2008,” said Tim Ebbeck, managing director SAP ANZ. “We have been growing consistently year-on-year for a number of years. We have assembled a very talented group of people and I’m enormously proud of what we’ve been able to achieve. 2008 was the year our focus on driving value for our customers really paid off.

“Apart from the team, the two key reasons for our success in 2008 were firstly, our relentless focus on delivering ‘rock solid’ business cases for our customers. Clearly demonstrating ongoing value creation has never been more important.

“And secondly, we were fortunate to work with companies that are driven by forward-thinking, visionary leaders. These are leaders who are not easily distracted. They told us they were staying true to their strategic objectives and they weren’t backing off. It’s no surprise the majority of our customers are clear leaders in their industry,” said Mr Ebbeck.

Through each quarter of 2008, SAP ANZ consecutively booked the four largest deals the company has ever done, starting in the public sector, followed by financial services, retail and then mining.

“It’s no secret the economy was sluggish for most of 2008, even before the global financial crisis hit in September. The New Zealand economy was already in recession by the second half of the year. In this environment, cash is king and process efficiency is the next best thing to growth for delivering profitability.

“Business intelligence, performance management and process management initiatives provide a way to get a handle on cash and liquidity. BI and analytics help companies measure, manage and report on what’s going on in the business.”

Global Core Enterprise Applications Vendor Share

Globally, SAP’s share of the Core Enterprise Applications market continued to grow. Based on US GAAP fourth quarter 2008 software and software-related service revenues on a rolling four-quarter basis, SAP’s worldwide share of Core Enterprise Application vendors, which account for approximately $38.6 billion in software and software-related services revenues, as defined by the Company based on industry analyst research, was 32.8% for the four-quarter period ended 31 December 2008. This represents a 4.4 percentage point increase compared to the four-quarter period ended 31 December 2007, of which approximately 0.9 percentage points came from organic growth and 3.5 percentage points from the acquisition of Business Objects.

Mr Ebbeck concluded: “Of course 2009 will be a very different operating environment for business in ANZ. However we are focused on sustaining our success in what we call ‘The New Reality’.”

Among some of SAP’s new customers for 2008:

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • 7-Eleven
  • AGL Limited
  • Sparq Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Adelaide Brighton Limited
  • Corporate Express