SAP Research to demonstrate future of technology at CeBIT Australia

SAP to showcase developments in the public security, retail, transport and logistics industries

Sydney, AustraliaSAP Research today announced its plans for CeBIT Australia (Sydney). SAP will showcase a number of current research programs, including investigations into the future of the internet.

The global head of SAP’s Research division, Prof. Dr. Lutz Heuser, will outline a vision for ‘The Web Based Service Society in 2019’ in a keynote presentation to the CeBIT eGovernment Forum on May 13th from 10:00.

SAP Research will host a demonstration of SoKNOS, an internationally recognised public security initiative. The company will create a real time emergency response scenario using data from the recent floods in North Queensland.

SAP will also demonstrate Living Labs during CeBIT Australia. SAP Living Labs bring customers, partners, SAP researchers and developers together to investigates ideas, create scenarios and develop concept relating to future opportunities in various industry sectors. The Labs are designed to facilitate the demonstration of technological research in real-world setting with a view to turning prospective solutions into tangible products and services.

SAP demonstrations, which are open to customers, media and partners will take place on the SAP stand (Hall 4, Booth K7).

SAP Research focuses on six key research fields touching upon different aspects of technological, societal and business change, they are: The Internet of Things; The Internet of Services; Business Grids; Next Generation Applications; Software Development; and, Empowering End Users. The SAP Research Centre in Brisbane is one of the fourteen innovation centres for SAP globally.

The future Transport and Logistics Living Lab (and The Retail Living Lab)

This demonstration will focus on Supply Chain Management and Intelligent Infrastructure with scenarios showing how transport and logistics processes are impacted by:
• Natural disasters
• Price changes in fuel and natural resources
• Legislative changes and health and safety initiatives
• New infrastructure including ports and terminals

The Retail Living Lab

The retail living lab has been seen by more than 2,000 retail industry decision makers in Switzerland, it enables the creation and investigation of scenarios relating to:
• Retail logistics
• Mobile payment
• Stock replenishment
• Second Life modeling (virtual retail experience)

SAP Research – in real life

A hands on demonstration of the Cooperative Research Centre on Smart Services, including technology and tools for:
• Financial planning
• Roadside assistance
• Real time geo-location and proximity optimization for people and assets
• Personal information tool bars
• Second Life modeling

Next Generation Public Security

The demonstration of SoKNOS will follow the keynote by Prof. Dr. Lutz Heuser. SoKNOS provides emergency services with:
• A coordinated, real-time ability to manage disasters and public security initiatives
• Real time information providing across systems and agencies to front line responders
• Force element allocation and deployment via quicker access to people and assets
• New infrastructure modeling including ports and terminals
• Graphical information presented via Smart Boards, webcams and GIS systems

Next Generation SOA

Hands on introduction to the future of technology and the Internet of Services:

• Service Oriented Architecture
• Business Process Outsourcing
• Cloud Computing
• Software as a Service