SAP brings the ease of Internet search to the enterprise with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer provides an intuitive way for business users to instantly explore their business information

Sydney, AustraliaSAP Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) today announced the availability of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, a self-service, search-driven application for exploring and analysing enterprise data.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer uses an Internet-style user interface to search and retrieve relevant data, providing insights for anyone who can use a computer.

“The release of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer delivers, for the first time, business intelligence tools into the hands of anyone that wants them,” said Rajeev Mitroo, general manager, SAP BusinessObjects.

“SAP BusinessObjects Explorer does not require training, enabling a casual user of BI to search and explore large volumes of enterprise data, understand relationships, test assumptions and gain insight – without needing assistance from a business analyst or IT. And it can be used by anyone – from the chairman to the foreman.”

Local SAP partner, Innogence is among the first partners worldwide that will provide consulting and implementation services for the new product, having recently completed beta testing.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer takes search and navigation capabilities from the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio and combines them with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator (SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator) software.

The easy to use product is aimed at employees who would not normally use Business Intelligence or analytical tools. Users can see an interactive demonstration of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer at http://microfinance.sap.com. To use a trial version in the cloud: https://create.ondemand.com/explorer where users can upload their own data (even an Excel spreadsheet) and test how it can be analysed.

“During the ramp-up period, we invited 15 of Australia’s leading blue-chip companies to the Innogence Labs to demonstrate the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer solution,” said Ian Markram, Director, Innogence. “The feedback we received from them was very positive – we had customers talking about how they could use the software in their call centres, where staff could easily and quickly check the status of a customer’s purchase history and other details that would normally take significantly longer to access.”

Innogence provided SAP global with feedback from customers during the beta testing period, which was then used in the final development of the software.

Using an intuitive search box as its interface, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is designed to allow people to enter key words in order to find the data they need to answer critical business questions—no special training or special skills required. Once business users retrieve the relevant information, they will be able to navigate through that data and drill down into specific areas for further investigation. As a result, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer empowers any employee with the clarity and insight to act more quickly and make smarter, more effective business decisions.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer can be implemented in 30 days and pricing starts at AU$100,000 for the accelerated version and from AU$16,000 for the non-accelerated version.

Benefits for customers

  • Intuitive, easy search navigation: SAP BusinessObjects Explorer empowers business users to navigate massive amounts of data in seconds. Similar to the ease and speed of Internet search, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer allows employees to use familiar business language to find relevant information. Business users can also use visualisation features to select and generate charts or reports that best represents the information, which can then be shared with colleagues.
  • Improved efficiency: Previously, business users would submit requests for corporate data, such as customised reports, to the IT department. The new software provides self-service access to information, freeing up IT time and resources to work on more strategic projects.

SAP will work with partners including Innogence, IBM, HP, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Intel and Adobe to help make SAP BusinessObjects Explorer faster and easier to deploy by combining and optimising hardware and software solutions.

Intel has co-engineered the in-memory processing capabilities of SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator to optimise it with the Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series. Adobe has provided its Adobe® Flash® Platform to enable enterprise developers to create compelling Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) for end users.