UXC Getronics Australia gets SAP implementation off to a Fast-Start

IT services company implements SAP Business All-in-One in 13 weeks

Sydney, AustraliaUXC Getronics Australia has completed a ‘Fast Start’ SAP Business All-in-One software implementation in just 13 weeks. UXC Getronics Australia is part of UXC Limited’s Business Solutions Group, which is Australia’s largest independent IT services provider.

In March 2008, the company was given six months to change its back-end systems after Getronics Australia was acquired by UXC. With the company deciding to invest in a new SAP ERP system in May 2008, the organisation had very little time to get the implementation completed.

“Globally, the company was using SAP before the acquisition in Australia, so the staff were very familiar with the SAP software and interface,” said Paul Crilly, Finance Director and Implementation Executive, UXC Getronics Australia. “We looked at one other major competitor; however we chose SAP because our basic needs and peripheral needs were being met by our existing SAP software. It made sense to re-invest in SAP under our new umbrella company, UXC.”

Another UXC company, SAP specialty integrator, Oxygen recommended that Getronics undertake an OxygenExpress Fast Start implementation of SAP Business All-in-One software.

“We had a very short timeframe in which to change to a new system, and while we had a head start on re-training and system reconfiguration because we were already using an SAP system, we were still nervous about getting the software up and running within the specific timeframe,” said Crilly.

The previous system had been customised to support specific business processes and was supporting 26,000 staff members.

“While our roll out was on a much smaller scale, with over 400 staff across Australia, we had to be sure we got it right the first time around, because this was a complete migration to a new system.

“The initial simplicity of the software suite meant that we could get it implemented within a 13 week timeframe, which was a remarkable achievement in itself,” said Crilly. “Like some other companies, we had the perception that SAP is a very large and complex company that took too long to move and make things happen. However our perception was wrong.

“We got this turned around in remarkably little time and we’re very happy with the decision that we made. We were positively surprised at the functionality and capability of a solution suite that is ‘out of the box’. We now have a strong platform and footprint that will enable us to further adapt the solution so that it can expand as our business requirements change and grow. .”

UXC Getronics Australia staff have responded positively to the software since the implementation was completed in October last year. The company has 170 system users.

“The Oxygen team has been very helpful through the implementation process. We have an ongoing maintenance and support contract with them and they’re currently helping us fill any gaps that we still have from the migration across to the new software and are fining tune the new system,” said Crilly.

About UXC Getronics Australia

UXC Getronics Australia is one of Australia’s leading ICT Services companies. With over 400 people across Australia, the company helps organisations to improve performance and productivity through the design, implementation and management of unified communications and integrated desktop environments. The organisation provides customers with the opportunity to leverage a wide range of skills, methodologies, and partnerships.

UXC Getronics Australia is part of the UXC group of companies. An ASX 300 listed company, it is Australia’s largest independent IT Services company.