SAP® Australia and University of Queensland announce the winners of the 2011 Young ICT Explorers Competition

BrisbaneSAP Research, the global technology research unit of SAP AG, and The University of Queensland, have today announced the winners of the 2011 Young ICT Explorers of the Year Competition.

Young ICT Explorers, initiated by SAP Research and run in conjunction with The University of Queensland, is designed to encourage young people to develop technology projects and share their creative ideas in a structured environment, supported by their schools.

Schools throughout Queensland were invited to participate in the annual event, which encourages school students from years 4 to 12 to develop creative and innovative Information and Communications Technology (ICT) project in teams of up to four students. From the total entries submitted this year, 68 teams were selected to showcase their projects and be judged by an independent panel. Details of the winning teams are included below.

2011 Young ICT Explorers of the Year winners:

Years 4 to 5

  • 1st – The BFPPF Website – a website with fun and helpful information for young people. The web address is: http://www.wix.com/thegirlzofthe/the-bfppf
    Joline Liao, Brynlea Gibson and Sophie Baird, Good News Lutheran School

  • 2nd – Crazy Alien Dude – a stop-motion movie of a Crazy Alien dude
    Aidan Docherty, Mansfield State High School

  • 3rd – Robot Movie – the students programmed a Lego robot to follow a course and hit a ball into a goal. They then filmed the robot to show the outcome
    Thomas Holzberger, Cody Shields and Reegan Banker, St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School

Years 6 to 7

  • 1st – Cool Lights – the students created LED “ice cubes” using LEDs and resin. They were programmed to flash various sequences
    Alex Williams and Jack Riley, Villanova College

  • 2nd – Junk Food Tower Defence – the game contains information on tooth decay and dental care in general. The game involves junk food travelling along a path on its way to a mouth
    Dominic Mercer, Liam Joyce, Georgia Silvestri and Fraser Martin, Ironside State School

  • Joint 3rd
    – Your Weather – A website that contains information, games, blogs, links and facts
    Natalie Keeble, Shelby Baston Claudia Tapsall and Ezza Khan, A B Paterson College
    – Imagination Walk – A Claymation movie, the theme of the movie was imagination and that anything is possible. The movie was put together using photo story, PowerPoint, movie maker and hammer head.
    Zachary Malcolm, Angus Morton and Jordan Innes, Kippa-Ring State School

Years 8 to 9

  • Joint 1st
    – Cryptum.NET – a website hosted on a shared server by an American based web hosting company called JustHost. It is coded in PHP5, HTML5, CSS and uses SQL databases. Its main purpose is to provide articles concerning computer science
    Liam Edwards-Playne and Jack McPherson, Cannon Hill Anglican College

    – Puzl – a platform game. In the game the player controls a small piece of coloured plastic which jumps and moves around a blocky setting
    Hugo Kawamata, Anglican Church Grammar School

  • 2nd – Save Our Planet – a video about environmental problems that humans have caused. It also gives solutions to these problems. It mainly focuses on the different types of environmental problems
    Amanda Gian, Caboolture State High School

  • 3rd – Infinity Saga – a game where the player is a ninja and the aim is to reach the end of the levels, fighting enemies and bosses along the way. It has a storyline that mainly focuses on time travel
    Cameron Lake, Marist College Ashgrove

Years 10 to 12

  • 1st – A novel approach to lossless audio compression – in a realistic case, the algorithm presented trades computational complexity, memory usage and design complexity in order to maximise compression efficiency with respect to information entropy
    Lucky Katahanas, QASMT

  • 2nd – Bi-Lingual Tutor – a bi-Lingual French and Japanese tutor for middle school students. It aims to assist students studying these subjects with tutorials and self-paced lessons that are marked, giving students feedback
    Joseph Garrone and Matthew Lake, Marist College Ashgrove

  • 3rd – The Adventures of Doug also with Wizards – an animation about a man called Doug who finds himself sucked into a computer and trapped within the virtual world
    Ben Little and Lachlan Spencer, Caboolture State High School

Karsten Schulz, VP and Head of Business Network Orchestration at SAP Research, said, “SAP Research congratulates the winners of the Young ICT Explorers of the Year for 2011, and all of the students that took part in what was a great event.”

“All of the projects showcased by the students demonstrated the innovation and creativity technology is helping them develop and SAP Research is grateful for the opportunity to help students use their minds in creative, constructive and innovative ways through the Young ICT Explorers of the Year Competition.”

Prizes included an iPad for the group’s teacher, iPods for each of the students in the winning team, an iPod Nano for second place group members, and an iTunes gift card for third place students.

SAP organised the event in collaboration with The University of Queensland, with additional support from the Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education (QSITE), and sponsorship from Zer01, NICTA and Izazi. Plans are currently underway to establish the contest in another state in 2012.

About Young ICT Explorers
Young ICT Explorers is a not-for-profit competition, which has been created by SAP to encourage school students in Queensland to create their best Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related projects. More information at www.youngictexplorers.net.au.

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