Australian innovation wins the 2011 TechEd Las Vegas Demo Jam with Innoboard

SAP NEWSBYTESAP Research, the global technology research unit of SAP AG (NYSE: SAP), announced today that SAP Australia has won first place at the SAP® TechEd 2011 Demo Jam that took place on the 13th September in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The winning project was an Australian innovation, Innoboard. It was developed by SAP Research Australia team and presented by the project lead Dr. Marek Kowalkiewicz, Research Architect. Innoboard was selected as one of six finalists at the competition out of 200 submissions.

Previously called ‘Holodeck’ project, Innoboard is a mobile application that transforms any whiteboard or wall into an electronic whiteboard by using a smartphone and a projector. The technology enables participants to collaborate from different locations and brainstorm ideas. InnoBoard captures content from a meeting and helps participants collaborate on ideas. Because it’s integrated with SAP StreamWork, users can save and access the results after a meeting.

The application is currently being tested and evaluated by Australian companies, such as Linfox, a supply chain solutions provider. The company will be using Innoboard when initially scoping and determining the direction of projects, as well as for strategy development. Linfox will also use the application for value stream mapping for projects that run across multiple sites.

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