Getting the Right Answers for Retail – The Next Evolution of Enterprise Software

Technology and digital solutions of the last decade were once ground-breaking and innovative when initially introduced to organisations. Traditional ERP systems served to streamline the fragmentation of information caused by legacy systems and offered some capabilities in terms of automation and data storage.

These systems, however, were not designed to accommodate the current demands of an ever-changing global marketplace and the pace of the consumer products and retail industry. Retailers operating on legacy systems stagnate their decision-making abilities due to the difficulty of finding the correct and relevant data.

Turn all data into Insights

With ineffective or slow enterprise software systems, organisations are unable to gather valuable data insights that lead to better business decisions. Big Data is lost in disparate sources and formats, data sharing is complex, and key leaders in retail work in silos and are unable to access real-time insights.

The next evolution of enterprise software ensures that the right information is accessible, clear, and most importantly, transparent.

In the current digital economy, emerging technologies such as IoT, machine learning, blockchain and analytics enhance the retail industry by supporting core retail process from POS connectivity to operational retail data that empower users with predictive suggestions leading to intelligent decisions in the moment.

Preparing for the Intelligent Enterprise

German Retailer, Jacques’ Wein-Depot, reached out to SAP to digitally transform their operations, leading to a cohesive 360-degree view of their customers across channels. Battling with conflicting channels, friction, and an expanding online presence, Jacques’ Wein-Depot implemented SAP S/4HANA to future-proof and modernise their business operations by focusing on improving customer service. Customer data collected in-store, online, and mobile will allow deeper insights to further personalise service and the business also benefits from increased data transparency and the systematic monitoring of operations.

SAP ERP empowers key leaders to access operation insights in real-time without needing to search or find meaning in data.

The ERP of the future makes it possible to continuously innovate around a “digital core,” allowing organisations to identify dynamic solutions through intelligent insights with your business transactions.

This enables retailers to enhance and extend their services and applications over time, ensuring flexible and agile technologies can be integrated as the business matures.

Retail Runs Better

The revolution of enterprise software is Intelligent, equipped with the ability to predict outcomes and find erroneous data points. In effect, pushing information to the user instead of the user searching for meaningful data. Historically, SAP has been recognised as a world class transactional system and our recent acquisition of Qualtrics brings experience data together with operations data to empower the Intelligent Enterprise.

This article was originally published on Linkedin.