Making the Most of Partnerships in Your Cloud Switch

Companies are being forced to take a hard look at existing business models, and the processes behind them, to compete and win in our increasingly digital world.

Cloud-based technologies are enabling new ways of doing things that deliver efficiencies and improve customer experiences. But this transition also brings new challenges. There’s often a steep learning curve involved in making the switch, which is why it makes sense to work with a committed channel partner who understands your business and can guide you along the way.

These channel partners bring a deep knowledge of cloud technologies and may even specialise in working with customers in your industry. Where it was once common to see them focusing on a specific hyper-scaler – Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure – most are now platform-neutral in my experience.

Realising that customers will have a preferred flavour of cloud – and are also likely to be mixing and matching services in multi-cloud environments – they’re building skills across all three platforms to avoid closing the door on potential new business. They’re learning to collaborate with these hyper-scalers in different ways that work for all parties.

As a customer, the switch to cloud is dictated by best value for money and where the solution fits within your organisation. But understanding what will work best for your business can be overwhelming without the right expertise and support.

SAP is committed to working closely with our channel partners and hyper-scalers to help customers navigate the jump to cloud sooner rather than later. We appreciate that change can be daunting and, when decisions are critical to how your business operates, pressure mounts.

That’s why we’re excited to roll out the Embrace program. Embrace is all about working with SAP’s channel partners and hyper-scalers to create the best options for customers to adopt SAP S/4HANA. We’ve built channel-specific models for industries like manufacturing and retail, tailoring the program to suit the needs of large and smaller businesses.

This program is not simply about technical benefits either. We’re focused on business benefits like time saved, reduced costs and service improvements. We’re tapping into the expertise of partners and hyper-scalers to make sure we’re switching customers to the right cloud solution.

The SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is going to be increasingly important, allowing those customers to build apps in the front without having to change the core system in the back. Our partnership with Melbourne-based Bourne Digital is a great example.

Part of our AppHaus network, its cutting-edge digital solutions include business simplification applications like Safety Snaps. This allows site managers to more easily conduct safety assessments. Apps like Safety Check are integrated and supported by SAP systems, with risks identified, captured and stored on a database for future reference.

This complete end-to-end picture – offering a connected set of data for all stakeholders – is the magic that SAP brings because none of our competitors can match that. With the right partners delivering the right services, our customers can swap the anxious leap into cloud-based processes for a confident step forward.