How Cities can Use Data to Improve Liveability

City leaders must find new ways to boost their city’s unique liveability attributes that make quality of life delightful for individuals and communities. Intelligent digital technologies are the most cost-effective means to re-imagine the city liveability and positively impact individuals’, businesses’ and communities’ experience.

SAP are proud Major Partners for the 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2019APCS) and Mayors’ Forum, the leading event for city leaders and decision makers. The APCS attracts more than 1000 key decision makers and influencers of urbanisation from over 100 cities across the Asia Pacific region and beyond biennially.

At 2019APCS, SAP will focus on the theme of ‘Liveability’ and will be involved in presenting sessions with customers, panel discussions, hosting an exhibition stand, solution demonstrations and examples from Australia, Japan, New Zealand and other countries.

Collaborating with the Urban Institute and the Queensland University of Technology and many more partners, we’ll be showcasing how cities are using data to improve liveability.

Topics will include ensuring safe and affordable housing, healthcare and longevity, social inclusion, sustainable energy, water and sanitation, reduced levels of traffic congestion, convenient access to public transport, health and education services, and public security.

In addition, citizen experience, mobility and data driven innovation will be key to driving outcomes across these topics.
We’ll be bringing cross-industry insights to these decision-makers from all industries of the city’s ecosystem: public sector, utilities, transport, healthcare and will be showcasing SAP Future Cities capabilities in alignment with cities’ strategic priorities: Liveability, Mobility, Innovation and Sustainability.

Featuring an impressive line-up of internationally renowned speakers and curated sessions, join us for meaningful and insightful conversations across these key topics.