Driving an innovation effect: Why you need to attend this experience focused event

Technology has transformed the way businesses operate and shifted market expectations. We work more in real-time, more efficiently. But how do you take advantage of the right technology for a business and drive innovation?

To understand how innovation can make a difference in an organisation, there is nothing like seeing, touching and feeling that technology. Hearing from thought leaders about what’s possible but also from Australian business leaders regarding what they have done in their organisations.

e’ffect is SAP’s experience-focused event to be held in Sydney on Thursday 8th August. e’ffect is designed to push the boundaries of a traditional conference to create a unique and immersive experience. e’ffect aims to equip executives with the right ideas and technology for the future, to inspire creativity and innovation that revolutionises functions and clarifies purpose.

With organisations worrying about the effects of technological disruption and the experience economy, e’ffect offers a chance to learn, engage, and be inspired by experts from across different industry sectors. This one-day experience will feature a main stage with eleven, 20-minute presentations from Australian CEOs and global thought leaders on innovation.

The difference here is that when the main stage is live, nothing else runs. There are no breakouts. This means that energy can be focused in a single direction.

e’ffect will feature the opportunity to engage with young talent in a semi-shark tank type environment you’ll take part in interactive experiences as well, so you can choose your own level of engagement and method for learning.

Speaking at e’ffect this year is Dr Adriana Marais, theoretical physicist and one of the astronaut candidates for The Mars One Project. Adriana will be looking at the origins of life, the technology necessary for living on Mars, and the incredible projects leading up to her voyage to the Red Planet.

Hear from Geraldine McBride, CEO & Director of MyWave and Director of National Australia Bank. Geraldine is a renowned Enterprise Business Technology and AI thought leader with a proven track record of commercialising technology in global markets, delivering strong, consistent revenue growth.

Eric Wilson, Founder and CEO of Xinja Bank. Eric’s extensive work with disadvantaged and disabled Australians motivated his approach towards banking and will inform his discussions on how Xinja is helping bring value, innovation and ethical neo-banking to the Australian market.

Attendees will hear from renowned engineer for humanity, Dr Jordan Nguyen. Jordan will be discussing the new technologies for empowering those with disability and how these solutions will encourage further inclusion and diversity the workplace.
Extreme Sailing Team CEO/Skipper, Jes Gram-Hansen will explore the effect of technology on performance, drawing on his professional racing and leadership experiences. Jes’ story will inspire any leader looking to motivate their team and reformat their strategic approach.

The event is exclusively designed for managers and executives. To register go to the e’ffect event site.