Understanding the e’ffect of Intelligent Technology

Every business believes it knows its customers, but how can companies harness intelligent technologies to truly understand their customers, offer personalised outcomes, service and refine their customer experience to a true segment of one?

When I’m discussing ‘segment of one’, I’m looking at the marriage of consumer personal data with personalised actions and outcomes – creating an intelligent brain-based data model of customers’ preferences and purchase behaviour that supports individualised and automated service delivery. The experience is easy, frictionless, appears human-like, intelligent and magical.

Data and engaging customer experiences are the business currency of today; it’s the reason social media platforms offer their services for free. And while we all produce vast amounts of data daily, many organisations aren’t utilising that data for the customer’s benefit to automate operational processes, create contextual, easy customer outcomes while transforming supply chains into intelligent and agile ecosystems.

This isn’t just about businesses breaking down silos internally and across supply chains – it’s about using intelligent technologies to streamline operations and offer more intelligent personalised services, which adapt to consumer preferences and operate even more efficiently over time.

Businesses have spent far too long viewing consumers as herds that can be satisfied with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. What data analytics have shown us is that even the most niche of customers want to be treated as individuals, intelligent technology utilising personal data, experience data and operational data driving personalised actions and outcomes allows you to do this at scale. It’s called Mass Personalisation through the use of Intelligent personalisation technology.

I’ve spent years working in business enterprise technology and artificial intelligence, which has shown me just how vital data is in creating operational best practice and automating various labour-intensive tasks.

Imagine knowing your customers so intimately that you can anticipate and service their needs immediately; or creating an intelligent enterprise that ensures your business and stakeholders operate automatically and seamlessly. These are some of the data-driven solutions available with emerging technologies today leveraging your investment in SAP and other systems.

Experience innovation and realise inspiration

However, considering the rate of change and development in technology, how do businesses stay abreast of the latest innovations?

e’ffect is a unique opportunity to explore the newest ideas and technologies that are reshaping industries everywhere. This experience-focused event will be held in Sydney on Thursday 8th August – offering industry insight on new technologies, inspiration for creative innovation, and an opportunity to engage with fellow managers and executives searching for the latest tech solutions.

e’ffect: Delighting your customers down to the segment of one

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e'ffect: Delighting your customers down to the segment of one

At this one-day event, I’ll be expanding on the reality of how your business can deliver outcomes to your customers to a segment of one, delivering superior ROI through the use of intelligent technologies. I’ll also be looking at how my years of working with SAP helped me launch a leading intelligent cloud-based platform which transforms consumer and operational data into a personalised customer experience.

If you’re a senior executive or manager looking at how to create more individualised services through intelligent technologies, this is a must-attend experience. For more information or to reserve your place at this year’s event, please visit the event website for details.

This article was originally published on Linkedin