Discover the Solutions Behind Intelligent HR

While other businesses are worried about the impact of artificial intelligence, pioneer organisations are using automation to work more efficiently and create new streams of revenue. HR processes will always be focused on people, but the best run systems utilise intelligent technology to offer staff freedom and flexibility.

The primary purpose of HR is to attract and retain the right talent, aligning people’s experiences and skills with the most suitable role and organisation. From initial short-listing to onboarding and training, there needs to be synergy between the business and its staff, whether current or potential. A seamless HR process ensures employee longevity and a common cultural fit.

HR systems bridge the gap between a faceless organisation and the people behind it. A personalised approach in this field is vital, but this doesn’t necessary require human input at each touch point – various processes and tasks can be automated so HR staff can focus on the value-adding elements of their roles.

The best run HR systems balance intelligent technology with personalised service to operate efficiently. Synergy introduced an Employment Lifecycle Management Project to reduce time-consuming manual processes for onboarding and offboarding staff and contracts. With a creative blend of SAP solutions, Synergy was able to automate and subsequently eliminate these processes – freeing up time and resources for HR and payroll teams.

At Woolworths, an inconsistent hiring process was creating misalignment between candidate expectations and job reality, which was leading to high turnover rates. The retail giant rebuilt its candidate experience on SAP Cloud Platform to integrate various applications and technologies. As a result, interviews with unsuitable candidates was reduced by 25%, an equivalent saving of 400 store hours.

The 2019 ‘Best Run SAP Human Resources and People Management’ was multinational dairy cooperative, Fonterra – for its employee experience transformation through automation. With a solution that included a host of SAP technology platforms, the company has freed up 59 hours a month while delivering 25,000 e-learning, attended learning and assessment hours, all recorded in SF Learning.

“We are well on the path to creating a culture that people want to work in – and better employee engagement – by simplifying the experience, minimising duplication, automating, and providing a consistent global approach,” said Fonterra General Manager of People Analytics, Tina Lundkvist.

Fonterra’s employee engagement score jumped up to 4.7 out of 5 while 70% of its leadership roles have internal successors – an important KPI the company is on track to deliver.

An engaging and efficient HR system ensures businesses are viewed as employers of choice. Explore SAP’s solutions to people management and learn how to intelligently align the best talent with right opportunities.