How Best Run Supply Chains Optimise with Intelligence

The ancient trade off in supply chain management was a matter of efficiency versus accuracy. However, with intelligent technologies at the core of various processing systems, this delicate balance becomes automated.

Human error is reduced (or eliminated) while the use of data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence ensures every process and system is performing at its peak, while constantly searching for areas of improvement.

Within supply chains there are numerous opportunities to create this efficiency by operating on insight rather than reactively. Intelligent supply chains utilise the power of data to understand and action the movement of products and service far better than any expert could anticipate or hope to achieve. Digital transformation helps supply chains communicate and operate seamlessly with automation.

The best run businesses are realising the power of intelligent technology with SAP platforms and applications. Using SAP Extended Warehouse Management, Coca-Cola Amatil’s Parklands warehouse manual activities is now managed through RF and voice picking while inventory is controlled through automated storage and retrieval systems, automatic case picker, and automated vehicles.

Top-tier miner, Roy Hill was looking to transition from replenishment to a demand-driven model for maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). To create a seamless supply chain, the organisation adopted an intelligent solution that applied FMCG concepts to the business and created a 60-month window of visibility for spare part inventory demands.

Intelligent supply chains offer new levels of transparency, predictability, and flexibility. The 2019 ‘Best Run SAP Digital Supply Chain’, Ballance Agri-Nutrients achieved this through the development of an e-commerce app called MyBallance. With the ability to consolidate, internal, external, and non-SAP data into multiple HANA applications, Ballance was able to offer a streamlined and optimised experience for consumers and suppliers alike.

“The journey we are on is allowing us to connect our employees, suppliers, customers and third-parties to our digital core,” said Ballance’s Chief Digital Officer, David Scullin.

“With SAP Commerce, Marketing and S/4HANA at the centre, we are confidently leveraging data insights to provide recommendations and services to customers that enable them to be more autonomous, efficient and sustainable.”

The results of this digital transformation speak for itself with Balance offering comprehensive analytical insights about fertiliser placement and volume – ensuring farmers can operate with more environmental consciousness while order processing is done more rapidly and accurately.

Supply chain intelligence means technology is operating more efficiently so staff can focus on value-adding functions instead of laborious manual tasks. Organisations are best run with intelligent support, so learn more about the SAP solutions behind these success stories and see how data-driven decision making can reinvent your supply chain.