How Intelligent ERP Platforms Elevate The Best Run Businesses

At the core of every business is resource planning – a clear understanding of capabilities that align with responsibilities to create an efficient workflow. In today’s data-driven economy, organisations are continuously looking for enhancements in dataset analysis, resulting in impactful cross-organisation actionable outcomes.

Automation is much more than moving certain tasks to artificial intelligence – it’s about having the right insights to know where resources can be better allocated towards non-value-adding processes. A company cannot create efficiencies without first understanding the areas in need of improvement.

Intelligent ERP takes a holistic approach to digital transformation. It utilises internal and external data to create a comprehensive picture of the company’s ecosystem. Becoming an intelligent enterprise means knowing how to leverage different datasets – whether that be for people, processes, or consumers – and manipulating data through machine learning to improve operations and identify new revenue streams.

An optimised business is best run with intelligent ERP platforms that consolidate data into actionable insights. Employment service group, My Pathway aimed to create financial data transparency and accessibility through SAP S4/HANA Cloud, which increased transaction processing, reduced full-time accounting staff, and automated a significant portion of its purchasing efforts.

Digitalising ERP platforms can also help businesses decommission outdated legacy systems and applications. Mitsubishi Development was able to automate most of its critical controls to reduce manual processing and the subsequent risks to staff. When inventory management is optimised like this, organisations operate seamlessly, and employees are afforded more autonomy within their roles.

Awarded ‘Best Run SAP Intelligent ERP Enterprise’, TasNetworks put S/4HANA as the digital core for its vital business functions, such as asset planning, operations, works management, service delivery, financial performance, and supply chain management. The utility provider was able to streamline its application portfolio, increase capabilities, and reduce overall operating costs as an intelligent enterprise.

“Our business case identified business benefits of going to the SAP platform of about 68 million dollars in quantifiable benefits, we are currently on track to deliver or exceed that,” said TasNetworks CEO, Lance Balcombe.

By replacing disparate systems and standardising processes, TasNetworks was able to create consistent service delivery with a single source of information across the organisation. This synthesis of intelligent technologies is helping the business provide power to consumers, which is more efficient and sustainable. The improvement in operations not only enhances public and worker safety, but offers the Tasmanian community reduced electricity prices.

The evolving business needs of today require holistic data-driven solutions. Learn more about the SAP technology that is transforming businesses into intelligent enterprises and unlocking end-to-end innovations.