Which Organisations are Running at Their Best Using Intelligent Data & Analytics?

The increasing value and power of data is reshaping the work people live and businesses operate. As a vital commodity in the digital age, data is giving organisations boundless new intelligence while unlocking efficiencies previously unseen.

Data analytics offers businesses a more comprehensive vision of internal systems, external networks, and consumer profiles. Understanding an organisation from the inside out begins with intelligence, which is why intelligent technology plays such a paramount role in creating future-ready and innovative businesses.

Organisations have historically built information silos through hierarchical structures, lack of collaboration, and misalignment of purpose. Data insights remove the guesswork from operational processes, facilitating better communication across a corporate ecosystem, and empowering the business with automated applications.

The ability to automate and understand better through intelligent technology is creating a new generation of businesses that operate seamlessly and efficiently. With the appropriate platform for measuring data, each business decision could be backed by intelligence and streamlined for efficiency.

PanAust was ensnared with inefficient daily meetings that regularly ran overtime until a digital boardroom solution was implemented. This Daily Operations Dashboard has become a powerful resource for data visualisations and key performance indicators – streamlining meetings and improving transparency.

Using SAP Analytics Cloud on the HANA platform, Mercury NZ was able to determine the energy margin for 600,000 current and churned customers based on specific attributes. This crucial business information provided over 50 master data attributes, 30 measures, and has saved the organisation millions annually.

As the 2019 ‘Best Run SAP Data & Analytics’ RPC Technologies was previously weighed down by numerous disparate legacy systems, manual processes, and poor financial visibility. Leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud provided RPC Technologies the capacity to report, forecast, and visualise real-time project data, consolidate its legacy applications, and significantly reduce transactional time spent.

“RPC received an exceptional level of support from SAP Preferred Success and SAP Value Assurance to escalate and overcome issues to meet our targets,” said ERP Program Manager for the company, Alexandra Thorogood.

“The SAP/Deloitte partnership with RPC supported RPC through the change process and enabled us control, and visibility to make real process improvements.”

To better position an organisation for next-generation commerce, data and analytics are valuable resources in understanding operations, communications, and the consumer experience. Intelligent use of data paves the path towards automation and is helping organisations across all industry sectors be more efficient.

Unlock the power of data and analytics with SAP to discover how your business can perform at its peak while uncovering intelligent ways for continuous improvement.