Investing in the Next Generation of Young Talent

I am extremely passionate about building the next generation workforce at SAP. We recently concluded our 2020 hiring bootcamp for our STAR internship programme in Australia.

The SAP Student Training and Rotation (STAR) programme is a great opportunity for tertiary students to have firsthand work experiences with multiple teams and functions at SAP. U.S.-based job site, WayUp surveyed over 100,000 students and considered thousands of employers to discover SAP offers the best internships of 2019.

It was excellent to see our 2019 STAR interns involved in the bootcamp process for hiring. They are our best ambassadors and based on the quality of the work this Gen-Z team has provided, they absolutely set the pace and benchmark that is best in class. Our former CEO, Bill McDermott, stated it best, “If we equip millennials with the best technology and empower them with permission to be bold, I think we’ll watch the next great generation do incredible things”.

The nature of work is constantly changing as technology advances and new generations enter the workforce. Organisations must be conscious of younger talent’s career agendas and motivations in recruiting and a generation born into technology.

According to Gen-Z expert and speaker, Ryan Jenkins, employers need to provide a dynamic blend of high-tech and high-touch since many prefer work environments that leverage technology without supplanting human connections. Having listened to multiple playbacks on our interns’ experiences this year; I am glad we gave the interns an opportunity to be themselves, bring their skills and get involved in our customer facing activities.

We will soon be running the Bootcamp for the Academy where we will select the 2020 graduates for Presales and Sales. Recently, I had the good fortune of spending a week at the SAP Academy in San Ramon, California to assist with the Capstone assessments for our new graduates.

The Academy offers world-class training and skill development to give new recruits the experience and confidence to launch a successful career with SAP. It was a great opportunity for me to review the learnings our Sales and Presales graduates who have been working through their first six months of their new careers at SAP. I am blown away by the quality of our graduates once more.

In Australia, we have invested significantly with the Academy and we see this continuing as a strategic initiative. Our Presales Academy graduates are extremely successful in their roles and have seen opportunities many in the industry take many years to achieve. I would like to especially thank Mary Lange, Global VP SAP Academy and her outstanding faculty teams, who bring out the best in our new recruits.

I would also like to thank the mentors both at the Academy and in our teams, who invest their time and energy into helping build an environment that our graduates can be successful in. Lastly, I would like to thank all the current and former interns, and graduates that helped shaped my view of how important this topic is.

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This article was originally published on Linkedin