How Intelligent Technologies is Changing the Game for Equestrian

The Eventing Prediction Centre with SAP and EquiRatings have changed equestrian for riders, fans and media alike. With the use of intelligent technologies, predictions and statistics offer a new dimension to the 2019 Australian International Three-Day Event in Adelaide, through real-time data-driven insights.

Seven-time Olympic equestrian rider, Andrew Hoy served as onsite presenter and live-stream commentator for the event. “Adelaide Mitsubishi horse trials is just – for me – one of the great events of the world,” Andrew said. “There are six five-star competitions in the world; there is only one in the southern hemisphere and that is in Adelaide. What is special about Adelaide is that it’s actually the only five-star competition that is in the middle of a city.”

In offering fans an inside look into all phases of the event, course walks and an SAP-sponsored training session, Andrew illustrated the added excitement SAP and EquiRatings technology provided the competition.“From a spectator perspective, it’s absolutely fantastic in the fact that it gives them something to really follow and think, ‘this person is the favourite’. Not because we like that rider; but statistics and the prediction say that this is the rider most likely to win.

2019 Australian International Equestrian Event: Using Technology to Predict the Winner

SAP technology was not only powering the live stream of the event, but assisting EquiRatings compile and analyse competitor data. According to Diarmuid Byrne from EquiRatings, the organisation has taken all past performances of horses and riders to formulate predictions.“We bring together all of that information – about the horse, the rider, the venue,” he explained. “We piece it together to look at what are the win chances if we were to virtually run a competition 100,000 times; how would it likely work out.”

TV commentator for the event, Spencer Sturmey, said the predictions add more excitement to the event as statistics change throughout the competition. “All that information gives us great insight,” he explained. “The facts and figures are brought to us and the prediction is 74% chance of Hazel winning with 19% chance of Amanda winning, so it’s all going to be played for and it’s certainly not over until the last horse has jumped.”

Event Director for Australian International 3 Day Event, Belinda Lindh, said the Prediction Centre provides fans with statistics and predictions that tie well with social media marketing and retaining fans.

“We really want to reach into different markets,” she expressed. “I think the SAP technology enables more spectators and more people that are looking at our social media to understand the event, become involved, jump on board as fans, and come back time and time again.
Rider at the event, Sarah Clark was thrilled to be in the Eventing Prediction Centre’s forecasts. “Yes, I’m kind of down the bottom, but those statistics of a top ten finish are very exciting and very motivating.”

SAP intelligent technologies is gamifiying live sport, adding new avenues for people spectate, engage, compete. By transforming data into compelling narratives and educated predictions, these technologies represent a bright future for sporting insights.

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