Finding the Right Fit: SAP’s Autism at Work program

To coincide with International Autism Awareness Day, SAP’s Sehida Frawley spoke to The Daily Telegraph about SAP’s Autism at Work program and her advice for vulnerable jobseekers, such as those with a disability.

The article – ‘Find the Right Fit – also appeared in the Courier-Mail and Herald Sun, and featured tips from several business leaders on how people with a disability can find work in a tightening labour market. Below is a section of the article.

Find the Right Fit
By Melanie Burgess, News Corp Careers Editor

Vulnerable jobseekers who may already struggle to be hired, such as those with a disability, should focus on employers who are committed to diversity and inclusion….

Software company SAP actively recruits people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Head of digital services for Australia and New Zealand Sehida Frawley says SAP’s Autism at Work program aims to create a safe and comfortable environment for potential candidates with ASD by running workshops with a group of like-minded candidates.

“This provides participants with the time and space to demonstrate a broad range of skills such as communication, leadership, organisation, teamwork and problem solving,” she says.

The article was originally published on Saturday 11 April, and can be found on the Daily Telegraph website.