Our award winning innovation experience e’ffect 2020 has gone digital. And we have a stellar lineup of speakers including Ash Barty and Emily Penn.

We have put in a lot of effort to still provide an ‘experience’ rather than a standard online event or webinar. We’ve held true to delivering an innovation experience that inspires awe and creativity, opening attendees to the latest technologies and possibilities. We’ve put tremendous work into the production quality too, which I hope you’ll notice.

Also acknowledging the large number of online events and attendee fatigue, we’ve tried to make the event easily consumable. E’ffect in 2020 will be a three-episode series with each episode running for around 30 minutes. We’ve also spread the episodes over three weeks to give you time to absorb the content. Each episode has a different theme that explores a current issue that businesses face.

And we couldn’t do it without our partners, AWS, Dell Technologies, Deloitte, DXC Technology, IBM and Intel.

We looked for a host that would resonate with the topics and yet convey the content in a different way to which business events are usually delivered. We found that host in Rove McManus, comedian, TV host and entertainer.

The first episode will run on 17th September and will feature ‘The Future of Work’. It will examine the changing face of work, delving into how organisations need to adapt to new models for managing, growing, and retaining people – upskilling, inspiring, keeping them safe and productive during this crisis and beyond. Featured speakers are Susan Ferrier, Group Executive for People and Culture at NAB and Martin Wezowski, Chief Designer and Futurist at SAP, joining us from Berlin. You’ll also be entertained by Chad Davis and Jake Meadows who have composed original sounds especially for e’ffect.

On 24th September, the second episode on ‘Sustainability’ will dive into the importance of the circular economy for promoting business growth and future proofing, finding efficiencies while promoting environmentally conscious practices. You’ll hear from Emily Penn, skipper, ocean advocate, and Director of Exxpedition beaming in from London; Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of WWF Australia and Laura Wells, environmentalist, presenter, science communicator, and model. You’ll be blown away by Mark Atkins, Indigenous storyteller and performer as he gives you his rendition of the Australian bush on his didgeridoo.

Our final episode on Innovation in the Real World will go live 1st October, exploring how new technologies drive innovation and productivity improvements. This episode will feature Ash Barty, Women’s Tennis Association World No.1; Nelly Robinson, Executive Chef and Owner of Nel Restaurant, and Matt Denman, Regional GM of Uber Eats ANZ.

All 3 themes point to the need for organisational resiliency. Companies using innovative technologies are those that were better prepared for the lockdowns and supply-chain disruptions caused by COVID. With intelligent technologies and processes supporting businesses, more organisations have been able to drive automation and next-level efficiencies while maintaining business continuity and the safety of all stakeholders.

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This blog originally published on Linkedin.