Procurement with purpose – meet the businesses making a difference

SAP Australia has recently announced a new corporate initiative called 5 & 5 by ‘25, targeting five per cent of its addressable procurement spend with social enterprises and five per cent with diverse businesses by 2025. The initiative aims to inspire organisations around the world to buy more goods and services from purposeful suppliers, making a positive collective impact on society.

Here, we look at one the Australian social enterprises that will benefit from the pledge.

The Good Good: Better tea, better world

Procurement with Purpose – The Good Good Case Study

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Procurement with Purpose - The Good Good Case Study

Your next cup of tea could do so much more than taste good. It could feel good. The fast-growing social enterprise The Good Good sources premium organic tea from responsible plantations and uses 50 per cent of profits to fund education for disadvantaged kids.

Its products are sold in planet-friendly packaging including biodegradable infusers, plastic-free tea bags, recyclable foil pouches, and reusable glass jars to reduce its environmental impact. Seven teas are available including popular varieties like Earl Grey, lemongrass and ginger or peppermint.

It also has three ‘Super Blends’ – Brain Focus, Immune Booster and Stress Buster – designed to boost wellbeing and performance at work. So it’s no surprise that some of the biggest Australian corporations are already supplying The Good Good tea. But anyone, anywhere can buy the products too.

Half-owned by women, The Good Good is doing its bit for gender diversity. It also partners with another local social enterprise, the Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s supported employment division, Packforce, for the preparation and shipping of most orders. Packforce, which has operated for more than 50 years, offers employment opportunities to Australian workers with disabilities.

“We use business as a force for good by donating 50 per cent of our profits to programs that help disadvantaged kids get access to education. We also partner with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance supported employment division, Packforce, to employ Australian workers with disabilities. Our tea is better not only for the employees but for the planet and the community. Our partnership with SAP represents a great opportunity to create impact at scale in Australia. We hope that more organisations will be inspired to join us on the exciting journey of purposeful procurement, so we drive fast, positive and systemic change together.”

Elise Perpetua, Managing Director, The Good Good