This past week I joined TikTok, a place most people born in the 20th century regard as confusing. This spot was not created by us and at times you might feel like a trespasser there. And while mostly this place is formed by Gen Z & Alpha Gen (my niece said, “yes, auntie I followed you, now you have one follower”) one thing really stood out to me.

The TikTok algorithm creates a natural sense of belonging. You don’t follow people or topics the same way you do on Instagram, Twitter, MySpace or Facebook. Instead, you react and engage with content and the algorithm better learns what you like. You can follow specific people, of course, but this in some ways feels like a more natural way to find what you are truly passionate about.

Over the past year, SAP began research across North America to understand the future of people. Through this research, they identified a group called “The Passionates”. This group extends across generations, however appears in higher concentration among Millennials and Gen Z. “The Passionates” personal values drive decisions about where they live, work, and play.

Today, this group makes up 20% of the general population with trends showing they are likely to dominate over time.

Making them an increasingly influential demographic. In place of the seven traditional Ps of Marketing, “The Passionates” buy from companies with leaders that align with their positions (64% to 51%), are authentic (75% to 62%), and empathetic (71% to 53%). They work for companies that are ethical and committed to more than just making a profit. 82% of Passionates say they value organisational transparency compared to 78% of everyone else.

You might assume focus on change without tangible results might lead to a sense of hopelessness, yet Passionates proved this hypothesis wrong. The Passionates are incredibly optimistic about the outcome, leaving them with drive and resilience.

The Passionates are driving corporate change. We see organisations rolling out programs to reduce carbon emissions, eliminate plastic, embrace diversity, and commit addressable spend to social enterprises. Passionates reward this behaviour and continue to push further. In the three-part mini-series Blank Canvas, Baratunde Thurston lays out three key areas where massive change is already occurring – Sports, Fashion and Food.

During my short-lived adventure into TikTok land I found myself diving deeply into different perspectives for TikTokers that were very much unlike me. I wanted to empathise with as many people as I could and gave out those likes with each 60 second story.

The most surprising part for me is that I’m in the minority of people that jump into things this way. Only about 20% of people have this level of passion for a wide variety of topics – we’re ready to change the world. Are you ready to help us?

If you’re interested in learning more about The Passionates and how they will impact your business – let’s have a chat.

This article was originally published on Linkedin