Opinion: Are you listening to what your people need?

Years ago, few organisations thought too much about their employees’ experiences of the IT systems they worked with every day. It was just part of the job. People were expected to get on with their day-to-day jobs. Fast forward to today, with a constantly evolving workforce and a global pandemic, it’s a very different story. In the human+machine age, how people interact with IT has become an increasingly vital concern.

In private sector organisations, the shift from human capital management (HCM) to human experience management, or HXM, started a number of years ago. Winning the war for talent made monitoring employee satisfaction a high priority. Now HXM has to be a key priority for public service organisations too.

The introduction of shared-service centres – centralised hubs handling core functions like HR, procurement and payroll across multiple public service agencies – is now a major trend. And it’s one that has vastly increased the need for employers to listen to how their people feel about their work environment (including the systems they interact with), understand what they want and importantly act on those insights.

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