Successful digital transformation is about combining talent and technology

The balance of power between employers and employees is shifting, with workers able to pick and choose their next job based on the alignment of values, professional development opportunities and work-life balance.

Meanwhile, conversations about Australia’s ‘great resignation’ continue to become louder as employers prepare for potentially record-setting labour shortages. Set against this backdrop, we have seen a fundamental rethink of how to attract and retain talent over the past 18 months.

The pandemic has made workers reconsider their careers, with two in five Australians getting ready to leave their current roles within six months. This threatens to amplify existing public sector recruitment challenges, with Delivering for Tomorrow: APS Workforce Strategy 2025 predicting widespread skills shortages during the next decade. Digital literacy is one of the most pressing issues.

Job security and stability have always been attractive reasons for people to enter the public sector. However, as we head into a period of post-pandemic economic recovery, employees are more open to taking risks and trying something new. Employers need a clear focus on building and growing capabilities to succeed amid strong competition for specialist talent and expertise.

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