How the best run global supply chains mitigate pandemic chaos

Supply chains, long considered a cost centre that was best managed with brutal just-in-time efficiency, are now a critical board and executive-level risk.

The problems being experienced by organisations around the world have forced leadership teams to elevate supply chain management as a business priority says Graham Conlon, VP and head of digital supply chain for SAP.

“I think the key thing about COVID is that it’s just made everything so visible, it’s made everybody see the disruptions.

“The key thing in any supply chain is how do you manage those disruptions. And with COVID, the disruptions are just on such a massive scale. This really shone a light on issues with resiliency in the practices, in the processes, and on some occasions in the technologies, as well.”

He said, “The conversations that we’re having, when we’re really looking at how do we digitally transform supply chains, it’s about how do you build in resilience so that you can manage risk, you can manage uncertainty, but secondly, how do you build in this agility so that you can pivot and you can really put your company’s best foot forward.”

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