On November 9th, SAP along with supporting partners Dell and RedHat concluded the 2021 edition of One Packathon, a new virtual event engaging our vibrant APJ partner community, that saw a participation of over 110 consultants from 11 major partners.

The aim of One Packathon was to design and develop ready-for-market differentiated industry solutions of high business value, leveraging the newest Business Technology Platform portfolio (BTP) predominantly focusing on SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Data Intelligence and SAP Analytics Cloud. At this time of widespread disruption, we considered it vital to give developers and consultants the opportunity to collaborate and evolve creatively in a supportive, professional environment, and come away with practical, data-driven solutions to industry challenges.

The event ran from August 5th, with teams given the choice between two available product streams, Data & Analytics and Data Orchestration & Intelligence. They also had the option to create a solution which would encompass both product areas end-to-end. Participants were given access to a team of 30+ SAP, Dell and RedHat mentors, who provided professional advice and practical assistance with each solution development process. Each team then gave a final presentation and demonstration of their products at the One Packathon event, presided over by a jury of SAP experts.

The creative crucible of One Packathon yielded amazing results, with 19 packaged solutions focused on value-creation and customer enablement delivered for development and eventual introduction into the market. Some examples of partner-packaged use cases are:

  • Retail Shop-In-Shop Partner Reconciliation
  • Logistics Control Tower
  • Working Capital Optimizer
  • Dealer 360
  • Maintenance Expense Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Predictive Asset Management in Mining
  • Payment Times Reporting
  • Maintenance & Reliability Intelligence; and
  • Risk & Control Analytics

Participants in the event included Accenture, Deloitte, EY, PwC, DXC Technology, NTT Data, Bluetree Solutions, Perfekt, VASPP Technologies, Aumento Technologies and Fair Consulting Group. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with our partners praising the organisers and already excited for the 2022 Packathon edition.

We asked some of our partners to share their experiences of the event below:

“On behalf of all the members of the PwC team, I would like to thank the SAP One Packathon team for bringing this great competition to our region. It has been a great learning experience for us, and the collaboration was excellent. We are confident that this solution will provide immense value addition for SAP customers. We have kick started a journey towards MEBF Cloud through this Packathon. PwC is invested in the roadmap for this solution, and we are looking forward to partnering with SAP for further enhancements to the solution and GTM initiatives.”

 – Sandeep Gayal, PwC | Managing Director, Consulting

“It has been a very enriching experience and the team has learnt a lot. We are now brimming with lots of other use cases that can be built on [SAP Data Intelligence] and will keep exploring it.”

– Ritvik Prasad, ET&P-SAP / Deloitte Consulting | Director

“Thanks for providing us the opportunity and platform to learn, collaborate, exchange ideas and showcase our business cases as well as demo our solutions using SAP DWC and SAC.”

-Bhavin Bhatt, Ernst & Young LLP | Senior Manager | Technology Consulting – Data and Analytics

“It’s been a great honour and thanks for jurors’ recognition. Together we had a wonderful innovative journey […] We would also like to thank SAP for the unimaginable hard preparation and work that paved the way for this event.”

– Thomas Yuan, ESSOP Practice / DXC Technology | Analytics Practice Principal Consultant

“The Packathon has provided opportunity to further evolve the solution and deploy using [the] native SAP cloud product set with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAC and BTP. We are excited by the prospect of helping our clients in Asset-intensive sectors solve a complex problem and deliver huge savings and efficiencies enabled by the SAP Cloud technology.”

 – Tim Noonan, PwC | SAP Alliance Lead

“It was great to be part of [the] Packathon event and thanks to SAP for organising such a wonderful event to learn and collaborate.”

– Vaneet Arora, NTT | Solution Manager Analytics

Overall, the 2021 One Packathon was a great success, proving how ingenuity and innovation can emerge even in times of adversity.

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