Interview: Chris Peck, SAP Australia

Will things go back to a ‘new normal’ in 2022?

We have seen a fundamental rethink of how to attract and retain talent over the past 18 months, as COVID-19 accelerated the public sector’s understanding of its people and their skills. At SAP, we believe next year will be critical for our customers in terms of providing their employees with the right development and learning tools to provide career-building blocks inclusive of learning and development pathways. Linking these to job profile frameworks provides transparency across the workforce and, most importantly, career progression empowerment to every individual. This active support of employees through their professional growth will become the ‘new’ normal in 2022.

Which new technologies will reach critical mass and become dominant in 2022?

E-invoicing is not a new technology, but it has the potential to deliver large productivity benefits to the Australian economy in 2022, with the Australian Government investing $15.3 million to increase awareness and adoption. We commissioned a recent study on “The Connected SMB” which found that switching to e-invoicing could deliver Australian SMBs savings of up to $40,320. Payment times and security are also improved.

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